Attention is the new currency. Agree? In that case, the Xin Si (辛巳), which brings with it the gift of commanding attention, must be one of the most sought-after pillar in our modern-day, digital world.

What do you see when you think of a piece of exquisitely carved jade? Cool and smooth to the touch. Hold it up to the light and watch the light dance in its emerald depths. Your eyes linger on its glassy perfection. The essence of the Xin Si pillar is embodied in that piece of jade – class, sophistication and elegance.


Like all Xin Metal Day Masters, the Xin Si likes attention. And, like all Xin Metal Day Masters, Xin Si individuals like you will tend to be blessed with a certain charm, likability, if not downright good looks.

But if you think the Xin Si is just a pretty face… think again! There’s more here than meets the eye. The Xin Si pillar brings with it gifts of wit, persistence and astute intelligence. Used together, not only do you have the gift of attracting attention, but more importantly, of commanding attention.


Xin Si (辛巳) Metal Snake
  1. This is a blessed pillar in many ways. Sitting on its own Bing Fire (丙) Officer star, the Xin Si has the natural ability to command authority and attention. Like the sun that the Bing Fire represents, this star also brings you an appreciation for structure and order. Perhaps this could be your secret for commanding and keeping attention – your ability to consistently deliver.
  2. This very dependability of the Xin Si is also the reason why you are able to harness support from those around you. As represented by your Wu Earth (戊) Resource star, here lies the foundation of your intellect, your love of learning and your ability to structure information.
  3. Your love of learning, in fact, is the reason why the Xin Si Day Master is more than just a pretty face. Your Wu Earth (戊) Resource star finally produces you, the Xin Metal (辛) Day Master as well as your Geng Metal (庚) Companion star. This relationship within the Day Pillar itself amps up the natural creativity of the Xin Metal in addition to gifting you with resilience and strong action-taking abilities. Now, the Xin Metal Day Master tends to be a little fragile, sometimes. In this case, however, supported by your tough Geng Metal Companion star, the Xin Si is able to take the hits as they come.

In fact, looking at the three hidden stems together, this may be one of the strongest Xin Metal Day Pillars. It looks fragile on the surface, but there is real strength underneath.


Always eager to grab at everything that life has to offer, you risk spreading yourself too thin. This is the biggest block to the Xin Si’s success, the irresistible urge to bite off more than you can chew. This vulnerability comes from your Geng Metal (庚) Companion star.

The key negative characteristics of the Rob Wealth star is its love for comparison. When the strength of this star gets too strong, it tends to imbue a strong sense of competitiveness. By itself, this is not a vulnerability. But when this star manifests as a constant need for comparison, for needless competition, that is when things may possibly go awry.

This strong compulsion to compare induced by your Geng Metal (庚) Companion stairs also the reason why some Xin Si Day Masters tend to be frivolous spenders – all in the name of keeping up with the Joneses.


O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L. That’s how you present! A Xin Si Day Master tends to be very conscious of the way you look. Like all Xin Metal Day Masters, you inherently understand that looking good is literally half the battle won.

With that advantage in hand, allowing your public to look beyond the pretty face should be easy. Simply, show them the integrity, expertise and leadership skills that lie beneath the glittering surface.


A Xin Metal Day Master needs two elements to help it shine. First, it needs to bask in the warmth of its Bing Fire (丙) Officer star. Next, it needs to be polished by Water, which is your Output element. Water is conspicuously missing in this pillar. But wait a minute!

Notice that the Bing (丙) Fire and Xin Metal (辛) Day Master can possibly combine to create Water? Allowing that combination to happen requires you to embrace and nourish your creative side. A Xin Metal Day Master naturally has an impeccable way of dealing with people. Simply level up that skill a notch by learning skills such as public speaking.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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