Fire at the bottom, Water on top - the geyser perfectly depicts the Ren Wu bazi pillar.

Water at the top, fire at the bottom. What do you get? A geyser, of course, which perfectly represents the energies of the Ren Wu (壬午) pillar. Impulsive, impetuous, impatient, and oh so passionate!

Most of all, the Ren Wu (壬午) or Water Horse Day Master is a creature of the Heart. Whatever you do – be it love, friendships, business or career – you pour everything you have into it. No holding back!


You, the Ren Wu Day Master, are like a gushing hot spring, filled with passion, intelligence and creativity. But most of all, the distinguishing trait of a Ren Wu is how much you value your personal relationships.

While typically calm and unruffled on the surface, like the geyser that will blow up at any time, the Ren Wu Day Master can be quite emotional. You know how to listen to your feelings. Unfortunately, that cauldron of feelings simmering beneath the surface may very well be your Achilles heel.

I’m going to structure this presentation in a slightly different manner. For the other pillars, I will usually unpack the strengths first. But in your case, for the Ren Wu, let’s get the vulnerabilities out of the way before we delve into your strengths.


Ren Wu

On the surface, the Ren Wu (壬午) or Water Horse is a pillar of explosive and conflicting energies. You have Water going head-to-head against Fire, while being controlled by Earth. This creates a dissonance within the pillar itself. Typically, this imbalance manifests as emotional instability.

Now, before you think I am just calling you ‘crazy’, let me elaborate on how the emotional instability could possibly present. Self-doubt and insecurities may very well be your biggest obstacles in life. Which is a pity, given the innate intelligence of this pillar.

Simply put, you care too much. Remember! Personal relationships are of prime importance to the Ren Wu Day Master. And when you care too much, you sometimes can become impatient, unreasonable, bossy, erratic and short-tempered. Why does that happen? Because it frustrates you when others don’t care as much!

Basically, the Water and Fire within this pillar needs to be delicately balanced. When things go off-kilter, that’s when the emotions come gushing out. But when the elements are perfectly in sync… let’s talk about your strengths.


The standout skill of any Ren Water Day Master is your ability to meld into any society. Communications is your forte. When the Ren Wu is perfectly balanced, you are a smooth operator. You have an enviable inborn talent which is your ability to talk to just about anybody and influence the people around you.

Seated on your Ding Fire (丁) Wealth star, this is the heart of your passion. This Fire is the reason why you pour your heart and soul into everything you do and every single one of your relationships. It makes you the hard-worker that you are, and gives you the determination to overcome the obstacles in your way.

Ironically, the more insecure you feel, the harder you work! Your Ji Earth (己) Officer star adds to that trait, bringing decisiveness and resourcefulness to a pillar that is already abundant in intelligence.

When all three elements are ticking along in perfect equilibrium, the Ren Wu has some awesome management skills that will serve you well in any business and career. 


You will typically present as someone passionate and committed, of course! Unfortunately, people will tend to tread lightly around a Ren Wu (壬午) Day Master who isn’t self-aware. Because nobody knows when the geyser might erupt.

Which leads us to…


Being Ren Wu, But Better is all about learning to manage how you express your feelings. It’s also about learning to focus on the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives. Finally, there is also a need to learn how to identify and let go of those irrational doubts that continue to plague you, regardless of the success that you have created so far.

The key to creating balance within this pillar lies in the presence or absence of the Wood element. In the study of the 10 Stems, Ren Water and Ding Fire combines to create Wood – your Output element. Therefore, every time you choose to undertake any artistic or creative activities, you are choosing to allow the combination to happen.

So write! Draw! Learn to play music! Take up an artistic hobby! If you’re too shy, there is no need to show anyone the products of your creativity. Just making artistic endeavours as a part of your self-care would be enough.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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