The Ji Chou (己丑) carries the image of dark, wet soil, packed with minerals, the very epitome of the gift of resourcefulness.

The Ji Chou (己丑) carries the image of dark, wet soil, packed with minerals, the very epitome of the gift of resourcefulness.

Maximizing The Ji Chou (己丑): The Gift of Resourcefulness

Let’s think about the picture that the Ji Chou presents for a minute. Winter comes to an end, the snows are receding. While patches of white snow still lies on the ground, most have been absorbed into the soil. This wet soil is almost ready to be tilled, waiting for the planting season. Rich in resources, the soil will grow a plentiful harvest. This is the resourcefulness of the Ji Chou pillar.

From a technical point of view, the Ji Chou sits on your own Friend Star, which imparts a high degree of confidence, independence and the predisposition to work well with others. The Ji Chou Day Master also sits on a high-quality Eating God star. This Xin metal Eating God star is the source of your originality and inventiveness.

The above traits, coupled with the absorbent nature of the Ji Earth, results in a resourceful and creative individual with a high level of acceptance as well as an easy-going and giving nature.

Did you know that the Ji Chou formation is also known as the Golden God Noble? This represents the gift of attracting noble people into your own life. And conversely, it also represents your ability to extend help to others when required. Because of this, the Ji Chou Day Master will never need to worry about not having enough resources to help you reach your goals.

However, this does not mean that the Ji Chou can sit back, relax and wait for success to come your way. Like the earth that needs to be tilled in order to be fruitful, success for the Ji Chou Day Master comes from putting your nose to the grindstone. It means consciously using your Friend star by growing your network, honing the creativity of your Eating God star, and harnessing the Gui Water Indirect Wealth’s ability to look beyond current trends to see the true potential of any given situation.

The Ji Chou’s biggest weakness is your inability to stick to the plan. Tantalized by new interests and new adventures, the Ji Chou can easily be derailed by a loss of focus. For the Ji Chou, having a detailed plan and the discipline to stick to the plan, will be the key to your success.  

Where is the Ji Chou (己丑)
Making Your Relationships Work For You: Ji Chou (己丑) In the Year Pillar

With Ji Chou in the Year Pillar, not only do others see you as a resourceful person, you also know plenty of similar resourceful people in your social orbit. Your friends view you as stimulating company, someone who never runs out of things to say.

As independent as the Ji Chou pillar can be, the ability to setup your connections in a way that will benefit your career or business is what will set you apart from your peers. These returns do not need to come in the form of money. It could be intangible things like referrals, social status or favours.

Resourcefulness At Work: Ji Chou (己丑) In the Month Pillar

A successful professional – whether an entrepreneur or a salaried employee – needs a wide range of traits to succeed. Among others, discipline, hard work, confidence, self-belief, and many more. But when it comes to achieving your professional goals, there is nothing quite like the ability to be resourceful.

Here, the Ji Chou’s ability to learn new information rapidly, your natural inquisitiveness and openness to new ideas, becomes a big advantage. Like any other skills, resourcefulness is something that can be developed. Here are three ways:

  1. Be open-minded. Use the accepting nature of the Ji Earth to open yourself to new possibilities and ideas.
  2. Think outside the box. Use the sharp acuity, ingenuity and imagination of the Xin Metal to its fullest potential.
  3. Take action now. Use the restlessness of the Gui Water in a positive way by learning to take pro-active action instead of postponing your success.
Armed With Knowledge : Ji Chou (己丑) In the Hour Pillar

It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, a manager or a new employee looking to get ahead, a resourceful mindset can really set you apart. Truly resourceful people are constantly looking for creative ways to leverage their current situation for maximum benefit.

With the Ji Chou in the Hour Pillar, an attitude of lifelong learning will help you arm yourself with the knowledge you need to truly increase your ability to provide value and put you in demand.

A Final Caveat

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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