Gui Si (癸巳) harnesses the power of steam to move mountains

What happens when you place water into an iron receptacle, put a big fire underneath and then channel the resulting vapour? You get to harness the power of steam! That, my friend, is exactly what the Gui Si (癸巳) pillar is all about – the power of steam.


The Gui Si is perhaps the most driven, hardworking and noble among the six Gui pillars. Seated on its own Direct Wealth, Direct Officer, and Direct Resource stars, the Gui Si can easily tap on the Wealth-Officer-Seal structure that brings blessings of nobility and success.

The key to making the Gui Si pillar work is to give it direction and purpose. Like the steam in our example, when harnessed properly, it can move a train! But without that direction, the steam scatters into the air and disperses into nothing. This means that, when inspired and committed to a strong purpose, the Gui Si pillar can literally move mountains.

But how does the weak Gui water move a mountain? The answer lies in the crux of the Gui Si pillar, which is the gift of collaboration.

Allow me to elaborate.


In the study of Bazi, the Gui Water is deemed as the weakest of the 10 stems. They abhor tough situations. When things get too hot, the Gui Water has been known to scatter, returning only when things cool down. Some may say that the Gui Water is lazy.

I beg to differ.

But before I delve into the individual strengths of each element, I would like to share that the Gui Si pillar by itself sits on a Taiji and Tianyi Nobleman star. This makes the Gui Si, one of the top spiritual pillars, representing not only an interest, but also a talent for spirituality and metaphysics.

Now, let’s talk about your strengths:

Gui Si Bazi
  1. Seated on your own Bing Fire (丙) Direct Wealth, the Gui Si, will certainly put in its fair share of work. But being the smartest worker of them all, why bother doing something yourself when you can get others to do it for you?
  2. Your Wu Earth (戊) Direct Officer star comes in to give the Gui Si its much-needed direction to move mountains. Here is courage. Here is leadership. This Gui Water Day Master does not crumble under pressure. Instead, you excel in situations where leadership and collaboration is called for. Being a highly noble pillar, the Gui Si is not triggered by mere financial achievements alone. In fact, the Gui Si will always worry about money, even when they have plenty of money in the bank. What really drives a Gui Si, is recognition.
  3. You, the Gui Si Day Master, is also seated on your own Geng Metal (庚) Resource star. This means that you are innately intelligent, perceptive and a great strategic thinker. But more than that, this represents the ability to apply critical thinking to any situation. And that is how you are able to master the topics that interest you, by stripping away blind faith and superstition.

Given the three factors above – the ability to work hard, the presence of Noble People, and a thirst for recognition – we circle back to the gift of collaboration that comes automatically to the Gui Si pillar. It’s the gift of not only connecting with people from all walks of life, but to take it one step further by working collaboratively with them. Therefore, the Gui Si’s contact list can be worth its weight in gold.


The Snake branch is considered as an active star. As a result, the Gui Si Day Master typically will have a stronger need for financial stability than most other people. Basically, this is a case of money never enough.

Now, there is a fun dichotomy in the Gui Si. While this Day Master has awesome organizational skills, it can also be inherently lazy. What this means is that, productivity tend to happen in bursts of activity. There will be periods of intense work, followed by a period of inertia.

For this reason, it’s usually best for the Gui Si to own a business so that others can continue the work while you ‘slack off’.


The Gui Si Day Master can be a bit shy when you first meet people. But once the ice is broken, most people will find the Gui Si to be very original and outgoing. As mentioned, the Snake is an active star, and anyone with this influence will likely enjoy an active social life.


Here are three easy ways to maximize the gift of collaboration in the Gui Si pillar:

  1. Be open to meeting new people constantly. The Si (巳) by itself is a very active, travelling star. Forcing the Si (巳) pillar to stay still will result in strong inertia that can prove to be quite difficult to overcome. Therefore, put yourself in situations where it is easy and appropriate to introduce yourself to new contacts. Let’s be realistic about friends. Not all friends stay in our lives forever. Not everyone we meet will become our friends. So that contact list must constantly be topped-up.
  2. Commit to a community. Committing yourself, and establishing yourself within a community is a great way for the Gui Si to find new collaborators. As more people are drawn into the community, so does your contact list grow.
  3. Establish yourself as a giver. Be willing to share knowledge, tips and value on a regular basis. Something as simple as sharing a funny story, or a motivational quote via text messaging is enough to let people know that they are in your thoughts. When you do that, you will indirectly position yourself as a subject matter expert which will not only draw more people into your circle, but more importantly, keep them there.

 On a personal note, I have a good friend who happens to be a Gui Si Day Master. She does the above three so naturally, that there are days where I truly envy her for her ability. In our connected world, the ability to bring many people together to work on one objective is a truly powerful talent.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

Are you a Gui Si Day Master? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.


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