A tall, sturdy tree at the height of summer, planted on hot dry ground. A single spark could potentially set off a catastrophic forest fire. The Jia Wu (甲午) is the very picture of an all-consuming ambition.

A tall, sturdy tree at the height of summer, planted on hot dry ground. A single spark could potentially set off a catastrophic forest fire. The Jia Wu (甲午) is the very picture of an all-consuming ambition.


Once again, it’s time to talk about another Jia Wood (甲) pillar. Shall we take another stroll through the woods, together? This time, it’s summer. The ground is dry, pleasant to walk on. We are surrounded by towering trees, their shade offering relief from the burning sun. Sunlight filters through the branches in shafts of gold and green.

But hang on a second… I can hear you asking now – what’s all this bird song got to do with the gift of ambition? Let’s talk about your strengths.


  1. Like all Jias, the Jia Wu is also supportive, protective and benevolent. As all Jias, this too has a deep-rooted instinct to reach for the skies. An independent pillar, there is a very strong sense of dignity and self-respect that is inherent within the Jia Wu.
  2. However, this Jia sits on a flammable Ding Fire (丁) which represents your Hurting Officer star. In essence, this makes the Jia Wu a maverick among the Jia Pillars. This Ding Fire Hurting Officer lends brilliance and communication skills to the Jia Wu, endowing the usually stoic Jia Wood Day Master with originality, progressiveness and showmanship. This is one of the biggest gifts of the Jia Wu – the ability to pull together knowledge and information from a myriad of sources, and communicate those ideas in a unique and fresh manner.
  3. But the Jia Wu is not all show and no substance. This Jia is grounded in its Ji Earth (己) Direct Wealth star, giving the Jia Wu the industrious perseverance, you need to handle the hard work and execute your plans.

So let’s take the ambition of the Jia Wood, pair it with the showmanship and willingness to challenge the status quo of the Ding Fire Hurting Officer, along with the resourcefulness and hard working nature of the Ji Earth, and we end up with the picture of an all-consuming ambition that drives the Jia Wu Day Master to accomplish great things.

This is someone who will never bow down to life’s challenges. There is a strong willpower and determination here to take charge of their destiny. Always, there is this drive to be more, know more, do more, give more.  

Which is a good thing. Because well-aimed ambition, grounded by strong values will create an individual who vibrates at a higher level and gives you the motivation to keep running around and past the obstacles that come your way.

But beware of the burnout.


Of all the pillars, the Jia Wu is the most susceptible to burnout. Think of a raging forest fire and the scorched earth it leaves behind. That might very well happen to the Jia Wu. When the Fire gets too strong, the Jia Wu Day Master will try to take on too much, spread itself too thin, and end up disillusioned and exhausted.

And when that happens, the dark side of the Jia Wu shows up – rebellious and overbearing. Along with the strength of being able to re-brand information (as mentioned in the Strengths), comes a willingness to burn the house down just to prove you are right. This is next level, self-sabotage type of stubborn, we are talking about.

More on the solutions in the final segment, Jia Wu But Better.


The maverick Jia Wu carries with it a strong sense of individualism. Its brilliance makes this a difficult pillar to ignore. However, because this Jia sits on the Death Position in the 12 Growth Phases, there may be an indication of emotional instability especially when a self-punishment formation is formed. Therefore, you need to be aware of the Jia Wu pillar’s propensity to come off as having a dual personality, sometimes compassionate, sometimes domineering.

But in general, the Jia Wu Day Master tends to be socially active. You have a preference for those who can match your level of ambition and industriousness. And for those whom the Jia Wu considers friends and allies? The benevolent Jia Wu will do anything for them.


The challenge for the Jia Wu Day Master, is to learn to direct this passion and ambition and strike a balance that is aimed at sustainability. Be very aware of your proclivity to burn out.

In this pillar’s energy flow, the Day Master continually exerts strength. Nothing is supporting the Day Master. Which means that you must do it yourself. How? Learn! Open yourself to different thoughts, ideas, philosophies of others. Make your learning as wide-ranging as possible. Remember your unique strength? The ability to re-brand information? The more wide-ranging your knowledge, the more interesting your ideas become. So be the Google!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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