The Ding You (丁酉) calls up images of the glow of candle light reflected off the smooth surface of the mirror.

The Ding You (丁酉) calls up images of the glow of candlelight reflected off the smooth surface of the mirror. A little like the Bing Shen in the previous post, but this light is gentler and more calming. A fierce ray of sunshine may cause you to flinch and shade your eyes. But the reflected light of the candle is mesmerizing and captivating – a tell tale sign for a positive, attractive and exuberant personality.


While the reflected sunlight of the Bing Shen represents a powerful sense of purpose, when translated to its Yin counterpart, this image of the reflected candlelight signifies the Ding You Day Master’s ability to view things from new perspectives.

This is a rare and valuable gift that magnifies the Ding Fire’s natural ability to inspire, influence, motivate and enlighten. Because true inspiration and motivation can only happen when you are able to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, when they are convinced that you speak their language and truly appreciate the situation they are in.

But make no mistake, there is nothing reticent about the Ding You. Bright Ding Fire sitting on the shiny Xin Metal results in a Day Master that loves the limelight and revels in being centre stage. This is an incredibly charismatic Day Master who exudes irresistible charm and enthusiastic confidence.


  1. The Ding You pillar sits on the Rooster which is both your Night Noble as well as your Intelligence Star. This gives you a strong sense of nobility. In Chinese Metaphysics, the concept of nobility comes from a person who has the resources to be of help to others. And of course, seated on your own Intelligence star means that intelligence, knowledge and respect are par for the course.
  2. Persuasive and passionate, the Ding Fire is the only element that can truly transform all the others. Because of this, Ding Fire Day Masters tend to be typically open-minded. But more than that, the Ding You (thanks to the Intelligence star), has the inborn ability to link different concepts and ideas together to create new insights or breakthroughs. Now if that isn’t genius, I don’t what is.
  3. Your Xin Metal (辛) Wealth Star is the foundation of your innovative can-do attitude. This, coupled with your gift of perspectives, gives you the ability to look at obstacles and setbacks from different angles. Additionally, you thrive on challenges, viewing them as opportunities to learn, improve and demonstrate your abilities. Finally, because of your Xin Metal Wealth Star, you are never one to fall for the sunk-cost fallacy.  Instead, the Ding You is far-sighted enough to abandon a struggling strategy in favour of developing new tactics to attack the problem from a brand new angle. What was that famous line? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.


But here comes the irony. The opposing forces represented by the Ding Fire and Xin Metal gives rise to a rather prominent streak of rebelliousness and fierce independence in the Ding You pillar. On the plus column, this means that the Ding You Day Master is one who prefers to always be in control and will accept responsibility for their own action. But on the negative column, you find it really hard to accept advice.

So here’s the most important message to the Ding You Day Master. When you learn to recognize (and accept) genuine support when it comes your way, that is when the Day Master will truly shine.


For all your sociable traits, the Ding You can be a rather difficult pillar to analyze. Like the candle reflected in a mirror, what you project on the surface may not be what you truly are.

No doubt, the Ding You is infinitely attractive. But there is a fickle and restless quality that represents an idealist who is constantly chasing after new experiences.

Instead of viewing this as a disadvantage, use the natural inclination of the Ding You to learn new perspectives and open new doors by expanding your circle. After all, they’re already flocking to you like moths to a candle.


For the Ding You to truly shine, you need the freedom to pursue your intellectual curiosities without external interferences. In other words, the Ding You loathes being constrained. After all, this is an independent pillar that balks at restrictions and will rebel from too much authority.

Once given the room you needs to flex your creative muscle, you would be surprised to find that the Ding You can achieve tremendous feats of laser-like concentration and endurance. Therefore, to be Ding You, But Better requires you to make conscious choices in life that will give you the right environment or conditions.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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