Externally, the Ji Hai (己亥) presents as a very idyllic picture – endless waves, lapping gently against the golden sands; coconut trees swaying elegantly in the breeze. Picturesque, isn’t it? But did you know, that beneath that romantic exterior lies a very capable Day Master with the gift of planning?

Externally, the Ji Hai (己亥) presents as a very idyllic picture – endless waves, lapping gently against the golden sands; coconut trees swaying elegantly in the breeze. Picturesque, isn’t it?  But did you know, that beneath that romantic exterior lies a very capable Day Master with the gift of planning?

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Maximizing The Ji Hai (己亥): The Gift of Planning

The Ji Hai Day Master is certainly blessed with a potent combination of both beauty and brains. Like the beautiful picture that the pillar presents, you, the Ji Hai Day Master possess mesmerizing beauty along with a warm and exuberant personality. Looking at the picture alone, you would most likely think that the Ji Hai Day Master is one who is good-natured, easy-going, someone who goes with the flow, maybe even a little lackadaisal.

To a point, you would be right. However, never discount the fact that this nurturing and compassionate Ji Earth sits on an innovative and forceful Ren Water Direct Wealth star along with the ambitions of the Jia Wood Direct Officer star.

This Ren Water Direct Wealth star, especially, holds the most influence when it comes to the planning skills of the Ji Hai. After all, the Direct Wealth is the star of planning and execution.

Planning skills is one of the cornerstones for success. And here’s the rub. Not everyone does it naturally like the Ji Hai. Many of us are visionary big thinkers. The Ji Hai, on the other hand, makes big plans and turns those grand schemes into smaller rational and realistic steps – all thanks to the Ren Water Direct Wealth that you sit on.

Along with the planning skills, comes the natural resourcefulness of the Ji Earth. All Ji Earth Day Masters are naturally resourceful. But in the case of the Ji Hai, this trait is amplified by the Ren Water Direct Wealth which also represents the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

This planning ability is never more apparent than when the Ji Hai Day Master is working to achieve balance in your life. Be it work-life balance, or balance in relationships, this is something that is particularly important to the Ji Hai.

Why? Let’s think on this for a second. The golden sand of the beach is constantly in danger of being eroded by the sea. Because the Direct Wealth is such a task-focused star, when the Ren Water overwhelms, or rather, when the plan goes awry, you tend to create a negative impression due to your sharp-shooter way of talking.

Therefore, the key to making the best of the Ji Hai pillar is to use the Jia Wood Direct Officer star to  create stability in the pillar. In Bazi, when we say that you should use your Direct Officer star, what we mean is to consciously apply or adopt the characteristics of that particular profile.

In this case, it means learning to use diplomacy and social skills in your daily life. The Direct Officer star also means going by the book, being law-abiding, and aiming for steady and conservative growth like the Jia Wood itself.

An Interesting Side Note: Songbird

Here’s an interesting side note about the Ji Hai. This pillar comes hand-in-hand with a beautiful singing voice. Do you know a singer named Celine Dion? If you don’t, please Google her. Or better yet, YouTube her. Listen to that soulful, gut-wrenching and emotive voice. Ladies and gentlemen, turn on the spotlights, I present to you… the Ji Hai Day Master!

Where is the Ji Hai (己亥)

An Honourable Reputation: Ji Hai (己亥) In the Year Pillar

Generous, confident and honourable, your personal brand is that of someone who is steady and even-tempered. Aside from resourcefulness, the Ji Hai pillar holds a great deal of integrity. So you start off on the right footing as the first impression you give is of someone who is trustworthy.

On the flip side, the Ji Hai pillar has a tendency to try to be everything for everyone. As long as you are aware of this trait, it can be kept under control.

Stable Yet Flexible: Ji Hai (己亥) In the Month Pillar

Remember what I said earlier about the Ji Hai’s emphasis on stability? This pillar tends to strive for a stable lifestyle and is usually drawn towards steadier methods to earn a living. There is certainly nothing wrong with this preference. However, do be mindful not to take on a job that is beneath your true potential just for the sake of security alone.

The Ji Hai is also a very flexible pillar. While some prefer to work independently and others like to work in a team, the Ji Hai can work both ways by using either the absorbent nature of the Ji Earth or the independence brought by the Ren Water.

Academically Driven: Ji Hai (己亥) In the Hour Pillar

In my previous post about the Wu Xu (戊戌), I wrote about how that pillar loves to hoard information. The Ji Hai is also academically driven but with a glaring difference. Unlike the Wu Xu whose knowledge has to be teased out of it, the Ji Hai is able to take in knowledge and turn it into growth.

Focus is the key to use this pillar effectively. Allowing the thirst for knowledge to run rampant will be counter-productive as it will spread your energies too thin.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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