Just like the morning dew, the Gui Mao Day Master is gentle and just a tiny bit ethereal.

This one is so easy to write. Sitting on its own Growth and Nobleman star, this pillar forms the Artistic Eating God Formation, what else could the Gui Mao (癸卯) have but the gift of creativity?


Have you ever wandered out into your garden or to a park at sunrise? That magical hour between complete darkness and full sunlight, when the sky is tinged a rosy pink from the early rays of the sun. Look down! See the morning dew glistening on the leaves and flowers? That little drop of water resting gently on the petals is what the Gui Mao pillar represents.

Isn’t it a beautiful image? Just like the morning dew, the Gui Mao Day Master is gentle and just a tiny bit ethereal.


But what lurks beneath this conservative, compassionate and kind persona is what we are really interested in. Because this Artistic Eating God Formation indicates an acute intelligence, extreme clarity of thought, and a Day Master who is unabashedly creative.

So how can we make this better?

In the case of the Gui Mao Day Master, the Gui (癸) self-element produces the Yi (乙)Wood Eating God in the Branch. The Gui self-element itself is unsupported and does not have its own resource within the same pillar. This is where the Gui Mao’s thirst for knowledge stems from.

Luckily this Mao (卯) Branch draws in the Xu (戌) which brings much-needed support for the Gui Day Master in the form of the Geng (庚) Direct Resource. Because of this, one of the Gui Mao’s strength is its openness to absorb knowledge from any source. You are constantly exploring. The more you learn, the more creative you become. After all, wouldn’t you agree that knowledge is important for common sense to make sense?

However, the Gui Mao can take this process one step further. This Artistic Eating God Formation will not be content with merely absorbing and regurgitating theories. Instead, you have the ability to take in information from multiple sources and create new lines of thinking and solutions. Nothing delights the Gui Mao more than the ability to come up with new ideas and new approaches.


I think it is important for all the pillars to understand how you present to the rest of the world.

Like all Gui Day Masters, the first impression you give is as someone who is friendly and able to get along with anyone. Likability factor is high, given that this Gui Water Day Master sits on the Mao (卯) Branch which is also a Peach Blossom star.

However, the Gui Mao can seem to be just a little cold or detached. Some might even go as far as to label you a ‘diva’. Here’s why: while the Gui Mao Day Master is friendly, it is also extremely discerning. The Gui Mao does not deal with blind acceptance. In other words, it will not tolerate fools!


Every pillar has its own strengths and weaknesses. We don’t necessarily have to fix our weaknesses, but an awareness of these traits will be valuable to becoming a better version of you.

  1. Beware the negative thoughts. This will tend to happen when Water energies are particularly strong. In this case, it is a matter of tweaking your internal conversations to turn the negative into the positive.
  2. The morning dew needs something to rest upon – usually, it’s the leaves and petals. This scenario denotes the sense of belonging that is always sought by the Gui Mao. As a result, please be aware that this elusive sense of belonging may inadvertently translate into an excessive attachment to the material world. When your sense of self-happiness and self-satisfaction is driven by what you have instead of what you create, it’s time to pull the hand-brakes!


Even though the Gui Mao sits only on a single hidden stem, it seems to be already loaded with gifts. So how to make it better?

This Yi (乙)Wood Eating God must be protected at all costs. In this case, one recommendation is for you to learn better management skills. It could be time management, or people management, or let’s just put it under a single umbrella and call it resource management.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive. Why am I proposing a recommendation that seems to constrain creativity instead of unleashing it? On the contrary, better time management actually helps you free up more hours for creativity and helps you stay focused. Better resource management helps you prioritize and improve your creative output. We’re not talking about complicated time management tools here… just simple practices like pencilling down daily to do lists can help you achieve wonders!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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