The Ding Wei or Fire Goat to use its colloquial name is best represented by the image of crackling embers deep in the heart of a bonfire.

The Ding Wei or Fire Goat to use its colloquial name is best represented by the image of crackling embers deep in the heart of a bonfire. Like its other Ding Fire counterparts, this fire is warm, infectiously joyous and noisy. But this type of smouldering fire will burn for a long time. This is the master of the slow burn. This is not about a flash of momentary passion. It’s about long and enduring passion.


It’s human nature to congregate around a fire. Build a campfire by the beach, and you will notice most of the crowd within its circle of warmth (exceptions are made for those sneaking off to do things in the dark, of course). Similarly, the Ding Wei Day Master will find that people are naturally drawn to you, attracted by your dynamic and commanding personality. At your best, you radiate an irresistable air of general joie de vivre What brings the vivaciousness to this pillar? Let’s have a look.


In the study of Bazi, we see that this rooted Day Master sits on its Resource and is constantly producing its own prosperous Eating God star. This formation denotes a person with beauty, elegance, idealism and intelligence.

The process in this pillar begins with the Yi Wood (乙) Indirect Resource. Because the Yi Wood is a fast-acting energy, the Ding Wei will tend to be a fast learner with a marked preference for hands-on learning. In essence, the learning process for the Ding Wei works better when you observe, do and master. This is an independent thinker who is not afraid to experiment.

The Yi Wood (乙) Indirect Resource then produces the Ding Fire (丁) Friend Star which roots your Day Master. Ding Wei Day Masters are frequently fascinated by tech, especially tools that create convenience. This Ding Fire (丁) Friend Star is the root of your ability to inspire those around you with your original thoughts. It is also the seat of your inquisitive and adaptable personality.

It is not unusual for the Ding Wei to display artistic talent early in their life. The Ji Earth (己) Eating God star is the end outcome of the pillar’s interactions. This is a prosperous Eating God star that is industrious, resourceful and enjoys initiating new projects. After all, that bright intellect will always need something new to chew on.

An affinity with spiritual learnings come hand in hand with the Ding Wei pillar. What’s unique about the Ding Wei is that it literally sits on a Medical Star. So if you are a Ding Wei Day Master, casting about for hard talent that you can develop, do consider turning your hands to alternative healing arts.  

Finally, it’s a good thing the Ding Wei will always have people around you. Because this idealistic pillar truly enjoys helping others.


Watch out for the sudden flare up! Beneath that talkative and noisy exterior, hides an explosive temper that may take others unawares. Yes, just like how a banked-up flame can suddenly flare into life. The Ding Wei also displays a certain tendency for throwing pity parties. As fun as self pity parties can be, they can be rather counter productive. Instead, when the unexpected comes your way (as it inevitably will), why not use your adaptive thinking to take advantage of the situation instead of wasting time with negative reactions?   

When at an unhealthy level, a Ding Wei Day Master may become overly dependent on the opinions of others. This level of insecurity, if left uncorrected or unaddressed, may manifest as a tendency to control the people around you.

If you have a Ding Wei child, it is vitally important to watch the way you critique his or her behaviour. For this Day Master, a constant stream of negative words from the mother especially, words such as ‘you are so stupid/ugly/lazy/etc’, will have a lasting impact on their self-esteem.


I think we have satisfactorily established by now that the Ding Wei is gregarious and spontaneous. This spontaneity can be easily misconstrued by the people around you. It is possible that you present as a law unto your own right. You may find yourself with the reputation of one who comes and goes as you please. Along with that reputation comes a dreaded label – irresponsible. This label can be shed… easily. Just learn to never over promise and under deliver.

Your strong and prosperous Ji Earth (己) Eating God can also bring some difficulties your way. Because the tendency of the Earth element is to keep, you may present as someone who is a little secretive and arrogant. But for the sake of argument, I would say that this is but a minor flaw that may or may not require correction. After all, who doesn’t have secrets? And what’s wrong with a little arrogance anyway? Especially if that arrogance comes supported by solid talents, abilities and intellect!


The Ding Wei is a pillar where the Fire element burns the Earth and infuses it with heat. This brings extraordinary perseverance and an enduring passion to the Ding Wei pillar. The trick is to find that passion.

For the Ding Wei to shine bright, you must learn to stay concentrated on a single goal at a time. I know, this runs counter to the Ding Fire’s preferred style of starting little fires everywhere. But with the Ding Wei, the true power of this pillar only comes when that passion is engaged.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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