The Geng Shen (庚申) or Metal Monkey pillar is likened to a bar of solid gold. This reflects a very pragmatic individual who is a veritable tower of strength.

The Geng Shen (庚申) or Metal Monkey pillar is likened to a bar of solid gold. This reflects a very pragmatic individual who is a veritable tower of strength. A perfectionist to the core, you have the endurance to stick to your guns and stand firm when the chips are down.


From a technical standpoint, this Geng Metal (庚) Day Master sits on the Thriving position in the 12 Growth phases. This strong Metal is rooted and supported by its Resource element, signifying a rational yet intuitive individual.

Like all Geng Metal (庚) Day Masters, toughness and reliability is a fundamental part of your intrinsic nature. Since you are not one to easily tolerate fools, I shall tarry no longer. Let’s dig into your strengths…


  1. We begin by exploring your Wu Earth (戊) Resource Element. In your pillar, this Wu Earth (戊) Resource Star is capable of enhanced powers of concentration as well as great mental endurance. Supported by this star, you are given the capacity to develop your own unique yet down-to-earth perspectives.
  2. In turn, your Wu Earth Resource produces your Geng Metal (庚) Day Master and Companion star. In your case, this relationship imbues you with a very strong sense of responsibility. It is also the link to your stubborn and perfectionist streak. Rooted by this element, you take great pride in your work and your methodical approach to everything in life.
  3. Finally, the energies of the pillar result in your Ren Water (壬) Output Star. This versatile star adds a delightful layer of whimsy to an overall pragmatic pillar. Innovative, creative and resourceful, your Ren Water Output Star gives you just the right amount of flexibility to soften your naturally hard-headed approach. It brings you, the Geng Shen (庚申) Day Master, the social skills you need to connect with a diverse ecosystem of societies.

Since you are such a pragmatic Day Master, let’s sum up your strengths into the following key words:

  • The Wu Earth (戊) Resource Star brings you great mental strength;
  • Your rooted Geng Metal (庚) Companion Star adds a high degree of method and pragmatism to your intuitions;
  • Your versatile Ren Water (壬) Output Star helps you turn pragmatism into out-of-the-box thinking.

Add all three together, and suddenly, we realize that the Geng Shen (庚) Day Master is an exceptional problem solver. Which leads us to the next problem… how you present.


The strength that emanates from the Geng Shen (庚申) or Metal Monkey pillar is exceptionally strong. Do you often find people drawn into your life just for the sake of getting your help to solve their problems? That’s because you present as a strong leader with a caring and humanitarian streak.

Somehow, the people around you instinctively know that you have the tendency to put others first. The trick here, is to ensure that you don’t become so engrossed with the lives of others that you neglect your own ambitions and growth. While the world at large will be happy to be on the receiving end of your assistance, they will be unaware of your internal vulnerabilities.


When you are literally built ‘Ford-tough’ (all puns intended), life will tend to be just that little bit more challenging for you as opposed to others. After all, you don’t see anyone taking a sports car into jungle terrain, do you?

To be useful, all Geng Metal (庚) Day Masters must be forged by Fire. This relationship represents the many hurdles and obstacles in your life. They are there to create a better version of you.

Sometimes, these barriers can be internal hurdles that you need to overcome. You, the Geng Shen Day Master, can be rather extreme. The Monkey branch is known as a Travelling pillar. Basically, what it means is that this pillar contains some conflicting and restless energy. Point to note – your Wu Earth (戊) Resource Star craves stability above all else while your Ren Water (壬) Output Star wants nothing more than to explore the world and experience everything that life has to offer.

This push-pull between the two powerful stars is made worse with the presence of your Geng Metal (庚) Companion Star. This conundrum can create a lot of internal stress and anxiety.

You crave security. Yet at the same time, when you indulge in your flights of fancy, you are drawn to the idea of a more carefree lifestyle, one in which you are free from the shackles of responsibilities.

Which leads us to some suggestions for Geng Shen, But Better.


I will begin this segment by addressing the need for Fire within the Geng Shen pillar. There really is no going around the fact that your life will be challenging. Since there will be a constant stream of problems for you to solve, wouldn’t it be better if those problems are growth-related instead of contraction-related?

Basically, I’m asking you to choose your hard. For example. Becoming successful is hard. Being unsuccessful is also hard. Choose your hard!

Secondly, the push-pull between your need for stability and your craving for freedom. Strike a balance by using your Wu Earth (戊) Resource Star to give you intellectual and emotional stability. Train your intuition. Learn to trust it. Spiritual exercises like yoga, meditation, or even prayers and mantras can help you create that ‘centre’ to ground you and defeat those whispers of self-doubt and negativity.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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