The Ren Xu (壬戌) or Water Dog pillar is usually visualized as a tarn, a mountain lake formed in a cirque by glacial waters.

Shhh! There’s a Ren Xu (壬戌) in the house. Capable of absolute focus, absolute stillness, and strength. The Ren Xu (壬戌) or Water Dog pillar is usually visualized as a tarn, a mountain lake formed in a cirque by glacial waters. In any culture’s mythology, such a lake would have been considered fey, a veritable bathing pool of the gods.


The Ren Xu (壬戌) or Water Dog pillar is also known as the Heaven’s Pool Water. Many of the Ren pillars have such cool names, don’t they?

While the nature of Water is to flow, Water can only be useful when it is collected. That is why, the Ren Xu (壬戌) or Water Dog pillar is considered as the best of the Ren pillars. It literally embodies the softness, the strength, and the drive inherent in the Water element.

But enough jibber-jabber. Let’s dive into the strengths.


  1. The standout quality of the Ren Xu (壬戌) or Water Dog Day Master is your strong sense of responsibility and ownership. The energy of this pillar begins with your Ding Fire (丁) Wealth Star. Here is your drive. Here is your awe-inspiring organizational and planning abilities. It does come with some vulnerabilities though, which we will explore in the next segment.
  2. Your Ding Fire (丁) Wealth Star produces your Wu Earth (戊) Influence Star which conveys status, power, determination, direction, and single-minded focus. Cradled by your Wu Earth (戊) Influence Star, you understand the need to build a solid foundation upon which your success rests.
  3. From your Wu Earth (戊) Influence Star comes your Xin Metal (辛) Resource Star. In your pillar, this star is precise and analytical. It also represents your ability to learn from past experiences and keep moving upwards and onwards.

Add the three together and you have the recipe for success right inside your own Day Pillar – discipline (丁), courage (戊) and knowledge (辛).


Your Ding Fire (丁) Wealth Star that is key to many of your success can also be a Achilles’ heel of sorts. It makes you just that little bit materialistic. You frequently worry about money – even when you have millions in the bank. But don’t worry. You are in good company. A few other pillars have the same vulnerabilities.

This frequent worry about finances contributes towards your drive for success. As long as you manage it well, I don’t think you need to worry too much about this.

More concerning, is the Ren Xu (壬戌) pillar’s susceptibility to repress your emotions. You naturally shy away from confrontation, often resulting in a passive-aggressive behaviour pattern that could sabotage your relationships with the other stakeholders of your success.


Quiet confidence is the external persona you present to the world. The Ren Xu (壬戌) or Water Dog Day Master tends to be a person of action instead of words. Many people would find you enigmatic and reclusive.

This natural reticence on your part directly contributes to how you often feel that you are misunderstood. Which leads us to the final segment, my suggestion for Ren Xu but better.


Learn to speak up for yourself. Express your emotions instead of repressing them. Learn to tell people what you want. It may sound like such simplistic advice, but for the Ren Xu, releasing those emotions in a healthy way will do much for your overall well-being.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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