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Students of the JY Mastery Academy would be familiar of the depiction of the Black Tortoise as Darth Vader from the Star Wars trilogy. I’ve often wondered why. I watched Star Wars so many decades ago, I can no longer remember Darth Vader’s super power. All I remember is weird and hollow breathing!

In general, the Black Tortoise is likened to a magician. For those of you who are familiar with the Dragonlance Chronicles, this deity reminds me of the mage, Raistlin (or to be more contemporary, perhaps Loki is better). It is unconventional. It is the most intuitive of the 10. And, it is the master of illusions.

Before We Go Any Further, I Am Talking About Your Subconscious

For the benefit of those who may not have been exposed to QMDJ, allow me a couple of sentences to explain. Qi Men Dun Jia is the Art of War. It is a tool designed for strategy and tactics (forecasting and execution). However, there is a spiritual side to Qi Men Dun Jia which believes that we are, each of us, naturally connected to one of ten universal energies.

The ten QMDJ deities are basically ten different manifestations of the universal energy. They are neither demons nor angels. Like all energy forms, they are neutral. Think of your personal deity as your subconscious. It is yours to command. It doesn’t rule you.

How To Know Which Of The 10 Represents Your Subconscious

First: Plot your Bazi Chart here: https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/

Next: At the top of your Chart, on the right (see diagram), there is a box containing your QMDJ destiny information.

Lastly: Look at the information under ‘Guardian Deity’

The Gifts Of The Black Tortoise: The Power of Persuasion

Black Tortoise individuals tend to be very adaptable, extremely intelligent, and very good at hiding that intelligence from the world. There is always a chameleon-like sense of fluidity about the Black Tortoise personality. In essence, your personality can change depending on who you hang out with. You become who you need to be, in that moment in time. With that in mind, for heaven’s sake, don’t hang out with addicts!

In this, the Black Tortoise and the Red Phoenix individuals share the same trait – the ability to adopt other people’s vernacular and vocabular. You are able to change your vocal tones, sentence structures, syntax and semantics to mirror the person you are talking to.

But before you label this skill as bad, most Black Tortoise and Red Phoenix individuals do not mirror with bad intentions. This is a skill that comes automatically and stems from a desire to enhance understanding. If you ‘speak’ their language, it will be easier to reach an accord.

And because of this, your ability to persuade and influence increases exponentially.

Additionally, the Black Tortoise also comes with the gift of empathy. Black Tortoise individuals can easily pick up non-verbal cues beyond the words that are pouring into your ears. You can sense feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It is very common for a strong Black Tortoise to provide the answer to a yet-unspoken question.

The Weaknesses of the Black Tortoise: Hello Schizo?

The world can be a very noisy place for a strong and connected Black Tortoise. Being the empath that you are, there is always a danger of absorbing too much and therefore, easily affected by other people. Try walking down the corridor of an airport. You feel simultaneously – excitement, anxiety, anticipation, boredom, and many more – all external of you.

Does this sound a little schizo? Maybe… but please do not slap a schizophrenia label on all Black Tortoise individuals. They are empaths. They can pick up on emotions and energy levels. But they’re not delusional!

The only way around this weakness is to mentally create an ‘off’ switch. This is a skill that needs to be practiced. For example, tell yourself – when I pull on my earlobes (just an example), I will stop picking up on these external cues.

How To Awaken Your Black Tortoise Powers?

First – programme yourself. As I’ve said before, the control of all the Qimen Deities require positive thinking. Because, again, they are neutral. They are neither good nor bad. They just are. If your thoughts and emotions are constantly negative, that becomes your reality. When you succeed in changing your thought patterns and get on the upward spiral, that too becomes your reality.

This requires practice. Because it is easier and more convenient to be negative than positive. Changing ourselves is how we change our destiny. And nobody ever said it was easy.

A great way to use the Black Tortoise powers is to have some knowledge or training in NLP. At the very minimum, get interested in learning body language skills. Not only will this help you with your own programming, but will also give you a deeper understanding of human behaviour.

Tongue Firmly In Cheek…

What happens if your Black Tortoise gets out of control? Oops…

Plot your Qimen Destiny Chart

Does the Black Tortoise rule your subconscious mind? Plot your Qimen Destiny Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx


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