I know I’ve spent the last five weeks posting about the Qimen ‘Dark’ deities. Complete with cool pictures to boot! So, before I move on to the Yang deities, I thought I could share a case study when the ‘Dark’ Deities were used to get out of trouble. This is a real case study. ‘Coz it happened to me.


Some of you may not know, but my main gig is actually in motorsports. Motorcycle racing to be precise. Before Covid-19 came and disrupted our lives, I spent half my life travelling from one circuit to another.

August 2019, we organized the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship at the Zhuhai International Circuit in southern China. That was during the height of the Hong Kong protest movement. However, due to the proximity of Zhuhai to Hong Kong, most of us flew in via HKIA. In hindsight (which, of course is perfect), we should have flown in through a different Chinese city. But we were so damned sure that the airport would not be involved!

So we had an awesome event. Everyone was in a great mood as we crossed the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge on August 12, 2019. That euphoria was short-lived. We got to the airport and was greeted by this:

All flights were cancelled. The airport train was inaccessible. No transport available to go to Macau. We couldn’t turn back to Zhuhai because our visa had lapsed the moment we left. There were approximately 44 of us in the crew.

Staying in the airport was out of the question. Now at this point, I must stress – at no time did the protesters ever made us feel worried about our safety. Our main concern was, if and when the police got to the airport, they would not bother to distinguish between visitors and protesters.


The only option we had was the public bus. Just get onto a public bus, all 44 of us. Don’t care where it’s heading. Getting out of the airport was the first priority.

The next challenge was to find enough hotel rooms to house 44 people. Luckily, we had contacts, so we managed to sort all that out.

At this point, no Qimen charts were involved yet. I was too busy solving immediate problems to even plot a chart. The priority then, was to get everyone to the safety of a hotel room.

We went to bed happy that night. All of us had received new boarding passes for our return flight the next day. So it was just to be a one-night stay in Hong Kong.


Waking up the next morning was a different story. The phone was binging non-stop. Everyone received new emails informing us that the boarding pass had been cancelled.

Time to plot a chart. At first glance, my heart sank to my knees. This was what I got:

This is a Fu Yin chart. Basically, all the elements are stagnant. The energy is completely stuck. But after I managed to pick my heart up from my knees and put it back where it belonged, it struck me. My question was not ‘Will we get out today?’ Instead, my question was, ‘How will we get out?’

This narrows the field down to the North West palace where the Open Door is. And then I remembered something from the JY Mastery Academy Course – almost a throwaway comment, really, but something I remembered: Deities are never Fu Yin, never stagnant.


So it seems the answer is to use the power of the deities. Now, I note that the chart showed 9 Heavens in the North West palace. However, out of 44 of us, there were only 5 with enough seniority to make decisions on the fly.

Out of these 5, I had one 9 Earth, one 6 Harmony, 2 Black Tortoise, and one Red Phoenix. Not a single 9 Heavens in sight. No matter. We work with what we’ve got.

So when we got to the airport with luggage in tow, I told the team that only 3 of us should go to the counter and negotiate. Basically, the two Black Tortoise and Red Phoenix with the inborn ability to influence people.

But of course, nobody listens (lol)!

Off went 9 Earth to make the first attempt. Here came 9 Earth with his tail between his legs. There goes the 6 Harmony to give it a shot. Oh hello, 6 Harmony, are you back already?

Then we sent the Red Phoenix. To the same counter. Meeting the same counter staff. Red Phoenix managed to get about 25 seats on a flight to Penang instead of Kuala Lumpur. So that effectively cuts down the group by half!

Next up was the Black Tortoise. Same counter, same counter staff. She confirmed another 14 for a late-night flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

Oh! And here’s a tip. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, get yourself into the departure lounge as soon as possible. Doesn’t matter if your flight is 10 or 12 hours away. Just go into the departure area. Because, as soon as you enter that area, it is the airline’s responsibility to get you out!

Back to the story. So that phenomenal success has whittled the group down to a very manageable five persons. So, off went the other Black Tortoise who managed to secure five seats on a flight to Singapore.


I think it’s important to stress. All those negotiations by the Red Phoenix and the two Black Tortoise did not involve any arguments. Just firm, polite negotiations.

As I’ve taken pains to explain in my posts. These are not some external deities (despite their misleading labels). These are latent abilities within us. The dark deities may seem scary. But at the end of the day, it’s about intent.

And that was how, with the help of the ‘Dark’ Deities, we overcame a FuYin chart.


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