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Just as reliable as their Wealth counterparts, the Influence Structure modus-operandi is to work within systems, processes, and rules. This is a viewpoint that places particular emphasis on being team centric. Very caring of others, the Influence Structure individual makes some of the best coaches.

Suitable Side Gigs For The Influence Structure

Keyword: Control

Given the Wood element’s propensity for growth, coupled with the Influence Structure’s acceptance for the need for self-discipline, becoming a life coach or organizational coach will be a great market for your side gig.

If your Influence Element is Fire, you could also consider becoming a personal development coach. Yes, much like the life coach, a hefty dose of inspiration and motivation goes a long way to allow your clients to be open to the discipline required to effect change in their lives.

The Earth Element has the ability to bring people together – to work together, or play together. Therefore, becoming a team-building consultant or coach may be the right fit for you. Alternatively, given the durability of the Earth element, succession planning may be a good niche for you.

When your Influence element is Metal, your ability to take pain and endure hardship will make you a great personal trainer!

If Water is the strongest element in your chart, and it happens to be your Influence element, any gig that controls the flow of people, goods, products, or information may be the right one for you.

Important Caveat

Please remember that these are broad recommendations only. I am hoping to inspire you. These suggestions are certainly not definitive.

Coming up in the next post: the Resource Structure.


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