Side Gig 10 Gods

Using your strongest Structure and Element is just one way to identify a suitable side gig. Another method is to use your top abilities. In Bazi parlance, this is called the 10 Gods (why? Because naming them as the 10 Abilities is so not poetic).

First, Plot Your Bazi Chart

  1. Plot your Bazi Chart:
  2. Please key in your Date and Time of Birth by using the Western Gregorian calendar (basically, whatever date and time is written in your Birth Certificate or Identity Card).
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and, looking at the 10 Gods table, identify your Top 3.
  4. Check the 10 Gods in your current and next Luck Pillar.
  5. For those looking to create a second career, check also your Hour Pillar.
  6. You can either put all the information together to create something uniquely you, or, if confused, just pick the one that feels right.

The 10 Gods Profile and Related Side Gigs

  1. Friend (F). Anything that deals with one-on-one or peer-to-peer interactions. This could include personal development, affiliate marketing, acting as brokers or middle man.
  2. Rob Wealth (RW). Anything that deals with one-to-many. Some ideas: network marketing, community manager, events facilitator, insurance advisor.
  3. Eating God (EW). Any gig that allows you to create something out of nothing. Write, draw, create, content creation, cook, design… the list is virtually endless.
  4. Hurting Officer (HO). Any gig that allows you to capitalize on attention. Become an influencer for a particular subset of people, copywriting, entertain, perform, and speak!
  5. Direct Wealth (DW). Anything that allows you to use your planning and execution skills. Be a book-keeper, a home or pet-sitter, money manager, or project manager.
  6. Indirect Wealth (IW). The Indirect Wealth is a serial starter, addicted to the thrill of a new project. Unlike the Direct Wealth which is more consistent, the Indirect Wealth needs more variety. Consider helping other entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. Alternatively, you can keep an online store where you source products to sell. Become an intrapreneur within your own organization. If all else fails, you can always consider becoming a scammer (kidding!).
  7. Direct Officer (DO). Any gig that allows you to make full use of your team centric perspective. Ideas include coaching or personal trainer. Alternatively, both the Direct Officer and 7 Killings profile tend to be pretty good with their hands. So creating craft to sell may be a possibility. Or even becoming a handyman!
  8. 7 Killings (7K). The 7 Killings profile has a strong ability to trouble-shoot. Becoming a paid product tester or reviewer may be an option. Another way to use the 7 Killings profile? Get a gig as a business development consultant whose task is to open up new markets. One more idea would be to create a side gig as an event organizer.
  9. Direct Resource (DR). Since the Direct Resource is all about data, then sell data and information. Teach courses. Become a data analyst. Tutor!
  10. Indirect Resource (IR). Blessed with strong intuition, Indirect Resource profiles make great therapists, coaches, consultants or counsellors.

Important Caveat

Please remember that these are broad recommendations only. I am hoping to inspire you. These suggestions are certainly not definitive.


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