Rooster 2023

If you have the Rooster in your Bazi Chart, come 2023, it’s time to take on the Year Breaker role.

Since around 2019, the Rooster had been blessed with a run of positive stars. However, in this crucial Year Breaker period, unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of external support. Almost akin to a temporary feast-famine cycle. In other words, without external support, it’s up to you to create your opportunities in 2023.


In creating this new series, I’ve endeavoured to shift your perspectives of the positive and negative stars. They are neither promises nor guarantees. Instead, these are tools given to you for 2023, and it’s up to you to choose which one works better for you. The results become more obvious when we match our actions to the effects.

And when we learn to use these stars, that is when life happens for you, instead of happening to you.

Therefore, this post will include descriptions of the effects of the stars, followed by some ideas (or suggestions, if you will), on how the stars can be used. Please note that critical thinking is required on your part. Because without looking at the full information from your unique Bazi Chart, the ideas cannot be customized and must be kept as broad as possible.


Rooster 2023


A Year Breaker is but a fancy name for a clash of energies affecting your Bazi Chart. A clash is very straight forward. It simply means, change! Often viewed as a negative, because from the traditional perspective, change is always unwelcome. A good life in the olden days, literally translates into a long and boring life.

But in today’s world, a Year Breaker brings power to propel us out of our plateau. Without change, there can be no growth.

A Year Breaker is only negative when we resist change. If you open yourself up to change, and learn to reframe your perspectives (think opportunities, not problems; think challenges, not obstacles) you may find that 2023 could be an exciting and fulfilling year.

Because this Rooster-Rabbit clash is clashing outwards (your Metal clashing out to the Wood), the good news is, there is some element of control which signifies that you still get to decide which aspects of your life needs changing.

But there are signs that maybe, you will face some internal resistance to change.


Under the influence of the Obstacles star, you may be more easily influenced by the negativity out there. Somehow, you are more willing or susceptible to negativity which may start a downward spiral.

If you find yourself sucked in by the Obstacles star, the Prison Inmates may also be activated. This star describes a feeling of entrapment, of feeling physically, mentally or even emotionally trapped. And that is when the Sky Sadness (representing depression and other emotional issues), comes along to join the pity-party.

Together, the Obstacles, Prison Inmates and Sky Sadness stars combine to form the sunk-cost fallacy. More on this later.


The Year Breaker comes hand in hand with its twin, the Great Consumer. It represents an increase in expenses. If the Year Breaker represents problems, then the Great Consumer is the opportunity to use money to resolve those problems. Therefore, it is always best to keep some budget aside for contingencies.

But where could this money possibly be needed? There are some clues.


The Calamity Sha is a disaster star. It could mean that you somehow find yourself trapped in a disaster area such as floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, etc! It could also mean potential damages to your property or home. Therefore, as you begin the year, why not take the trouble to inspect your home for any damages that you can repair immediately. Since the Calamity Sha is in the Rooster, prioritize areas in the West sector of your house.


The other way that money could flow out? Salty Pool – the star of instant gratification which translates to money flowing out due to impulse purchases.

However, there is some good news here. The Salty Pool is actually a type of Peach Blossom star. It’s often viewed also as a negative due to its connotations of unbridled lusts or desires. If you are able to control the effects of the Salty Pool, it can act like a Peach Blossom star, and increase your desirability and likability.


But is there support? Yes! The Jade Hall signifies that something you own, be it a material thing, asset, investment, knowledge, skill, talent, anything really… has increased in value.

Perhaps more importantly, you also have the support of the Month Emptiness. This is a rather neutral star. What it does is that it connects us to the universal energy. It is, in fact, a wish-fulfilling star. Its presence is asking you to connect to your inner self or higher self.

But why would I describe a wish-fulfilling star as neutral? Shouldn’t they be good? It depends! When given the chance for your thoughts to manifest your reality, it’s only a good thing when you are positive thinker! Negative thinkers will find the reality manifested is as unpleasant as they expected!



Rooster 2023

A clash to the Year Pillar is quite easy to deal with. List down all the energy vampires, takers, whiners, and complainers in your friend list… and delete, block, unfollow!


Rooster 2023

What if the Rooster is your Month Pillar that represents your career and business? Look for certain parts of your job or business that is now redundant and keeping you tied down. 2023 may be the time to divest and prioritize more time on your core skills or core business.


Rooster 2023

Because the Day Pillar represents our close relationships, certain parts of your lifestyle or household routine can be changed for the better. A second honeymoon, anyone?


Rooster 2023

Rooster in the Hour Pillar which governs our children, employees, investments, ideas or ideals. In terms of employees, your staff could be getting comfortable in their roles and getting set in their ways. Perhaps it’s time for a reshuffle to challenge everyone to take on new growth.


The first rule of the Year Breaker, be willing to drop the redundant roles. Remember the sunk-cost fallacy? Sometimes, we cling on to roles that are no longer serving our career growth. Often, we do this for no other reason apart from the fact that we’ve been doing that for years. Perhaps you have outgrown them? Is it time to pass it to someone more junior?

Secondly, of course, please budget for contingencies. If you feel that you can do so, consider allocating some funds to invest in yourself! Maybe it’s time to acquire a different or new skill?

Thirdly, beware the sunk-cost fallacy that could be keeping you tied to a miserable job. It’s up to you if you want to change jobs this year, but at least start taking steps towards changing your perspective of your career.

Finally, with the Jade Hall, identify your super skill. When negotiating for an increment or promotion, this is your leverage!


For the Business owners, let’s start by looking into the sunk cost fallacy. What is no longer serving your business? Are they projects? Divisions? Clients? Products? Services?

Next, something has grown in value. Your job is to identify what that something is. It could be physical assets such as property that is owned by your business. Their value has matured and this may be the time to divest and keep your cash flow healthy?

Thirdly, with the Year Breaker, be willing to pivot your product or service.

And finally, with the Great Consumer, Calamity Sha and Salty Pool, please keep an eye on your cash flow and stay liquid for any contingencies.


When this collection of stars are seen as a whole, they are encouraging a sense of detachment. Mind you, every practitioner will have different interpretations because we all have different perspectives. While the core effects of the stars remain the same, every one of us will have a different view of how to use these stars. To me, they spell detachment.

With attachment, change can be very painful. But here’s the thing, you become very powerful, when you learn to detach. Because in that detachment comes objectivity and rationality. Am I asking you to intellectualize your feelings? Yes, a little! For 2023 at least, for the Rooster, there needs to be a rather zen-like approach to life.


It’s been a long article, hasn’t it? If you’ve gotten this far, thank you!

A little about me. My name is Paulynne Cheng and I am a Bazi and Feng Shui practitioner with a bias for career and business development. Mind you, I’m not a business guru or some such. My role, is to interpret the energies of your Bazi Chart and the corresponding 2023 energies for you. To help you identify potential opportunities and possible threats, depending on your goal for 2023.

Should we meet for an onward conversation, my goal is to help you align your actions, not just to the effects of the stars, but also to the flow of energies in your unique Bazi Chart.

When we do that, you really go with the flow and things become easier because you are no longer fighting the energies, but using the energies.


Now, remember! The Annual Auxiliary Stars make up only about 20% of your Year. To understand and create strategies for a successful year ahead, hit me up for a personal consult. Let’s co-create your strategy together and make 2023 your best year yet!


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