2023 Xin Metal

If you are a Xin Metal Day Master, listen up! Like your Geng Metal counterparts, you too are going to benefit from the Output producing Wealth formation in 2023!


The 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit infuses each of our Bazi Charts with different types of energy. Its arrival, amps up or strengthens different parts of our charts. Think of your Bazi Chart as a reflection of the cosmos. With the arrival of the Gui Mao, certain aspects of your Chart lights up! From there, we can add another layer of strategy to make 2023 a success.

To make this easily applicable, I will share this in the form of keywords. At this juncture, you might ask, what if I don’t intend to follow these strategies? What if I don’t find these keywords applicable to my situation?

The answer: nothing! These keywords represent the broader energies brought to you by the Gui Mao. To use it or not, is your choice!


2023 Xin Metal

For the Xin Metal Day Master, the Water Rabbit or Gui Mao, presents as Eating God sitting on Indirect Wealth.

The Eating God star is the star of CREATIVITY. Please do not limit creativity to just writing or drawing or music. It refers to our ability to create something out of nothing. It represents the act of creation itself.

Basically, the 2023 year of the Water Rabbit infuses your chart with an extra dose of creativity. But what are we going to create? Money!

  • Indirect Wealth governs Profits and Income streams. This is a good year to put some thought into creating new income streams.
  • Next, the Indirect Wealth can also represent Values. To be more specific, find creative ways to add more value. When we add more value, inevitably, we earn more money.
  • Thirdly, the Indirect Wealth star is perhaps the most efficient of the 10 Gods. This is a star of the short cuts. Fastest way to get results. Therefore, this is a good year to invest in tools that help you become more efficient. Because Indirect Wealth can also mean throwing money at a problem.
  • Lastly, the Indirect Wealth can be just as innovative as the Eating God. Therefore, this makes the 2023 year of the Water Rabbit a good year to focus on cultivating strong problem-solving skills and ability to think creatively. Why? So you can stay ahead of the competition by finding innovative solutions to challenges.

The Gui Mao pillar, by itself, is known as the Artistic Eating God formation. For the Xin Metal Day Master in particular, because it really ramps up your creativity, I would encourage you to use this opportunity to embrace your creative side. The only caution to this is to keep your perfectionist streak tightly under control.


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