It’s March 2023 and the conditions are no longer sluggish. The March 2023 Bazi chart brings us an outpouring of creative energies and almost unconstrained growth. This will be a good month to put a little focus on ideation and collaboration.

But for those of you with the Rooster in your Chart, March 2023, the month of the Wood Rabbit (乙卯 Yi Mao) is your clash month. In particular, March 10, March 22 and April 3 will see 3 Rabbits in the Day Chart. From 5am to 6am on those days, there will be 4 Rabbits in play. There’s nothing to be too worried about. Simply try to avoid making important decisions on those days. If you are driving, please stay alert. If you want to use the energies of the Clash, these 3 days will be a good time to initiate some planned changes in your life.

March 2023 Bazi

  • Ren Water and Gui Water Day Masters: Make time for creative pursuits and anything related to self-expression. This will also be a good time to spend a little time creating strategies (especially marketing-related strategies!)
  • Jia Wood and Yi Wood Day Masters: Networking is your buzzword for March 2023. If you have been thinking about creating a tribe, this is the best time to create activities where you can talk to as many people as possible.
  • Bing Fire and Ding Fire Day Masters: As you prepare for March 2023, know that knowledge inspires! If you are seeking knowledge, add a little more time to your schedule for learning activities.
  • Wu Earth and Ji Earth Day Masters: The key to creativity, is often ironically, about getting organized. This is a great time to get your resources in order, freeing up time for more creative problem-solving.
  • Geng Metal and Xin Metal Day Masters: I’m afraid it’s nose-to-the-grindstone time for you. But a little elbow grease never hurt nobody! So, stay focused and get as much done as you possibly can… you’ll thank me later for that!


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