Life Star 1

Element: Water

Male (year of birth): 1927, 1936, 1945, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008

Female (year of birth): 1923, 1932, 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995, 2004


Colourless, formless, adaptable, and flexible, Life Star 1 or Gua 1 carries all the common characteristics associated with the Water element. A fluid intelligence and creativity tops the list.

There is always a fascinating duality to the Water element. Water can either be still or moving. When Water is still, this reflects the more reticent, reflective, and secretive parts of your personality. When the dam is removed and Water starts flowing, you become virtually unstoppable. Like a hidden mountain spring gushing into a waterfall, you will ride rough shot over obstacles, impatient to get to the sea.

But still or moving, all Gua 1 individuals share a single commonality – the tendency to seek out the path of least resistance. You are the best at going with the flow, confident that you will always find your way.

Better yet, Gua 1 individuals are superb at discovering solutions that are not always immediately visible to others. This gift comes from Water’s ability to think laterally. This is the ability to blend theory with practice, unencumbered by norms, rules and regulations – the ultimate gift of freedom of thought.


At work, Gua 1 individuals tend to show their more diplomatic side. Remember how Water prefers to go with the flow? Seeking out conflict is certainly not your way. There is, however, a deep need for spontaneity and autonomy. How can you possibly enjoy freedom of thought when you are constantly boxed in by rules?


Socially, Gua 1 individuals easily blend into any existing ecosystem. This is where the adaptive power of Water is most apparent. Getting to know you is easy. Learning to understand you, is a whole different kettle of fish.


In relationships, Gua 1 individuals tend to be very observant and sensual. However, there is a side of you that will present as cold and aloof. Water is, after all, the star of emotions. And emotions is what you have plenty of. Because the depth of your feelings scare even you sometimes, you have developed a self-defensive knack of keeping others at arm’s length. This level of inscrutability comes at a cost. It’s difficult for those who care for you to figure out what you actually think, thereby, making it hard for them to support you.


These are generic personal facing directions, and is one of the easiest Feng Shui methods to apply. It’s just a matter of shifting your laptop to face the direction you want.

Sheng Qi (Life Generating): Southeast

Use this direction for general advancement and growth in life. This direction works well for any business, career, or wealth-related pursuits.

Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor): East

This direction is good for enhancing your mentor luck. If this direction is to be used in the bedroom, this is a good boost for your general physical wellbeing. Face this direction if you are looking to enhance your personal branding. This direction amps up your persuasive skill, and will have some impact on how you are perceived by others.

Yan Nian (Longevity): South

South is a great direction to build smooth interpersonal relationships whether at home or in the office. In short, it’s great for networking. If you are working in a career or business that requires multiple interactions with people from all walks of life, this direction will help you boost your career.

Fu Wei (Stability): North

If it is deep focus and concentration you need, North is the direction to face while planning, working, studying, researching, or creating. Anything that requires concentration, really. If you are into the art of meditation, facing North while meditating can help you achieve calm and serenity much faster.


Life Star 1 2023

Now that you understand the gifts of Life Gua 1 and how to use your personal favourable directions, based on the 2023 Flying Stars, here are some suggested sectors to use in 2023. Please note that when we say use, it literally means to carry out a certain activity within that sector of your home. On that note, please be practical. If a particular sector is missing from your home, then just be very Star 1, and find another way!

North (recommended): Use this sector to gain recognition for your talents and contribution. In 2023, for you the Gua 1 individual in particular, this is the sector that is most usable for career advancement. If you are a business owner, boosting recognition for your contribution can help attract partnerships your way.

West (recommended): Use the West sector if you need a boost to turn your many Gua 1 ideas into reality. In short, this is the sector to make things happen.

Centre: If you need an environment that is conducive to learning and research, the centre of your home is the best place to be in 2023.

The above three sectors (North, West and Centre) are the less stressful sectors to use. But sometimes, we have to take some hardship in order to create a breakthrough. The following four directions will be a little more stressful.

South: Star 8 in the South in 2023 boosts wealth prospects by increasing your productivity and workload. It can help you make money, but the activity may not be to your liking. Use this sector for the delivery of your services.

Northeast: If you feel that boosting your likability will help achieve your goals in 2023, the Northeast is the sector to use for any activities related to networking. Remember? Gua 1 personalities can be a little reticent. If you have always been burdened by more than your fair share of shyness, this sector is a good boost for your communications skills.

Southeast: If you have everything prepared, and all you need is that final courage to breakthrough, courageous Star 3 in the Southeast in 2023, is the sector to use. Use this sector for any activities where you challenge yourself to do better. Be mindful though, Star 3 increases the likelihoods of arguments and temper tantrums. So please be mindful of that.

East: If you need directions. If you need people to tell you what to do, East is the sector to use. Mind you, this sector can be quite stressful. To benefit from this, you must be open to advice.


Simply, stand in the middle of your house. Face the door. Use the compass app in your mobile device and turn to look for the relevant sector that you intend to use. Once identified, just do the activity related to the objective.


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