The dynamic art of Qimendunjia is excellent for short-term tactics and strategies. While monthly Bazi strategies are great for activities aimed at the strongest energy of the month, Qimen brings a psychological layer into the picture. In short, my chart; my perspective. Read on for the April 2023 Qimen Strategies.


  1. Plot your personal Qimen Destiny Chart here: https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx
  2. Take particular note of the labels inside your own chart and determine the sectors/palaces for each of your key palaces. For example: your Destiny Palace may be in the East palace. You will see a red box inside the East.
  3. I would highly recommend that you keep your focus strictly on just a few key palaces – the Destiny Palace, the Career Palace, the Wealth Palace, and perhaps the Relationship Palace.
  4. The following description is the likely opportunities or challenges that you may experience in those sectors of your life in April 2023.


The Southeast palace is not exactly pleasant in April 2023. The Sitting Palace Structure meeting the Death Door creates a scenario where you could feel a distinctive lack of support. At a psychological level, this structure creates a me-against-the-world mentality, one where you find yourself battling against a number of obstructions, hindrances, and worst of all, red tape and bureaucracy!

This is not the time for long-term play. Before you look too far ahead, April is the month to hunker down and dismantle your immediate obstacles first. The arrival of the White Tiger into one of your key palaces heralds a tendency for over-exertion. In a scenario where constant fire fighting is the order of your days, learning to prioritize between the urgent and the important can help you conserve your energies for the long haul.


What should have been easy-peasy has turned stressful due to the opinions of other people. Many other people. You might find yourself stressing out there are simply too many conflicting information and agendas.

This is where your diplomacy skills come into play. April 2023 could be the month for you to gain a reputation as someone who can bring different agendas together and create win-win solutions for all.

That would be the ultimate use of the South Palace in April 2023. At a personal level, this could be the month to put your filter in place and learn that not all opinions are created equal.


You’ve been working hard since the beginning of 2023, and the doors of opportunities are finally cracking open. You have the knowledge, the execution abilities, and the support. This is a good time to set your plan into action.

To keep your competitive edge, there is, however, some cautions from the April 2023 Qimen Chart. There is a distinct need to manage and be strategic about the amount of information you are releasing to the public.


From a Qimen perspective, the West sector in 2023 is a particularly contentious sector. More so if this governs any of your key palaces. Perhaps you find yourself tiring of all the power struggles and endless bickering? Fed up with the ongoing arguments, do you find yourself drawn to short cuts and unconventional means to get what you want?

Before we get any further, let me stress again that Qimen is a system developed for the business of war! And this system was created to win by any means necessary.

Having shared that caveat, the West sector in April 2023 is good for misdirections. To suss out the true intentions of others without revealing your own. In essence, it is about doing something to provoke a response from your opponents, thereby revealing their true intention. Another interpretation is to create something that will cause confusion and disrupt their thinking. Misdirection at its finest!


Humans are funny creatures. We complain when things are not going our way. But at the same time, we get suspicious when things are going too smoothly. If the Northwest governs one of your key Qimen palaces, this may be the condition you are feeling in April 2023. Things are in place. Everything is supposed to be moving smoothly. But somehow, you feel sluggish.

There is a reluctance here to leave your comfort zone. Perhaps it is out of a misplaced sense of loyalty. Perhaps you have become too invested into a certain status quo. Or perhaps your plans are just so big, that they scare you.

April 2023 is a good month to break that big plan down into smaller goals and then focus your energies to crush each goal systematically. Change is unsustainable when you try to go too big. Smaller, short-term goals are easier on the psyche, and helps you create change in a gradual manner.

And if it’s encouragement you need, there is a Green Dragon Returns formation in the Northwest to bring an additional oomph to your efforts!


If the North sector governs one of your key Qimen palaces, you may find yourself grappling with an oversaturated market in April 2023. As opposed to digging in and waiting for the month to past, the energies of the April 2023 Qimen Chart brings an opportunity to revitalize your business or career by making a conscious effort to re-brand and effectively create a new market for your services.

This reboot can come in the form of revising your pricing strategy through competitor research, or by simply creating a new niche for yourself to reach a different type of consumers.


The Northeast sector in April 2023 encourages research and resource planning. Ideally, this activity should include the all-important contingency planning for yourself and your business. The arrival of the 9 Earth into this sector brings a bit of a slow build. So if you are the impatient type, April may feel a little too slow for your liking. Being persistent is the key here.


If the East sector governs any of your key Qimen palaces, April 2023 is a good month to focus on personal brand building activities. It’s time to stop hiding behind the scenes and step into the spotlight, even if the spotlight is a scary place for you.

It’s common knowledge among professionals that if you want to get promoted, you start acting like you are already in that position. It’s not so much about fooling others. It’s about priming your own mind. Likewise, if you aspire to be an entrepreneur, start thinking, acting and talking like one. Eventually, you will find that you have morphed into that version of yourself – of who you aspire to be.


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