Life Gua 4

Element: Yin Wood

Male (year of birth): 1924, 1933, 1942, 1951, 1960, 1978, 1987, 1996, 2005

Female (year of birth): 1926, 1935, 1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007


Scholarly, refined and the most romantic of all the life guas, Life Gua 4 is the star of literary arts.

Regardless of your Day Master, the presence of Gua 4 as your Life Gua imbues you with a degree of scholastic aptitude and a love of literature and the arts. Much like a scholar, the beauty of the inner world will typically be more important to the Gua 4. In an external world that turns increasingly ugly and hostile, your inner world is a refuge. Nothing delights the Gua 4 more than hours spent immersed in research and study. You love nothing better than a good brain-ache. So go ahead. Embrace your inner geek.

A love for learning is strong in most Gua 4 individuals. You need not be a voracious reader, but you will still be a champion of lifelong learning. Because of this love of learning, most Gua 4 individuals will tend to be more open-minded and less inclined to be judgemental. You value refinement in thought and enjoy probing into the nuances of different positions. As such, it’s quite easy to change your mind. Strong principles, loosely held? Certainly!

While this openness to different points of view can make you adaptive and ingenious, it can also infuse a certain degree of fickleness and a tendency to be easily swayed by other people’s opinions. If an argument is presented in an eloquent fashion, you’re probably 50% there!

On the plus side, your wide-ranging interests makes you a fascinating conversationalist in social settings. However, do be on the watch for when your innate sense of intellectual superiority (stemming from a lifetime of study) inadvertently pushes people away instead of drawing them to you.


Imaginative and insightful, Gua 4 individuals excel in careers and businesses that place a high emphasis on creativity and out-of-the box thinking. While the Gua 4 thrives in environments that require brain-work, execution is one of its weak points. Like the Yi Wood that it represents, Gua 4 has a tendency to be a little dependent and clingy. How this could potentially work out would depend on the office culture.


The most romantic of all the life gua, Gua 4 individuals tend to be in love with being in love. When you fall, you fall hard! You enjoy the drama, passion, and sheer giddiness of the surge of hormones brought about by new love. But fireworks can be short-lived.

The fantasy of love concocted within the depths of your fertile imagination cannot survive the humdrum messiness of daily life. At this point, a choice will need to be made – to come down to earth with a whump… or to stay on the chase.


These are generic personal facing directions, one of the easiest Feng Shui methods to apply. It’s just a matter of shifting your laptop to face the direction you want.

Sheng Qi (Life Generating): North

Use this direction for general advancement and growth in life. This direction works well for any business, career, or wealth-related pursuits.

Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor): South

This direction is good for enhancing your mentor luck. If this direction is to be used in the bedroom, this is a good boost for your general physical wellbeing. Face this direction if you are looking to enhance your personal branding. This direction amps up your persuasive skill, and will have some impact on how you are perceived by others.

Yan Nian (Longevity): East

East is a great direction to build smooth interpersonal relationships whether at home or in the office. In short, it’s great for networking. If you are working in a career or business that requires multiple interactions with people from all walks of life, this direction will help you boost your career.

Fu Wei (Stability): Southeast

If it is deep focus and concentration you need, Southeast is the direction to face while planning, working, studying, researching, or creating. Anything that requires concentration, really. If you are into the art of meditation, facing Southeast while meditating can help you achieve calm and serenity much faster.


Life Gua 4

Now that you understand the gifts of Gua 4 and how to use your personal favourable directions, here are some suggested sectors for Gua 4 to use in 2023. Gua 4 has a plethora of choices this year. But

please note that when we say use, it literally means to carry out a certain activity within that sector of your home. On that note, please be practical. If a particular sector is missing from your home, then just be very Gua 4 and use a different sector!

North (recommended): North in 2023 is literally the sector to use for the Gua 4 individual. This is the sector for a blossoming of your talents and will boost your networking efforts by increasing your popularity.

Southeast: If you are looking to complement intellectual challenges with action and execution, Star 3 in the Southeast is exactly what you need. The presence of Star 3 here can boost your ability o respond to difficulties with speed, alacrity and intelligence. The only caution for this sector, learn to filter the people offering collaboration and partnerships. Not all will come with noble intentions.

Southwest: Star 1 in the Southwest of 2023 is great for focus and concentration. This will work very well if you are looking to complete works that require high concentration such as writing or research.

East: Star 2 in the East of 2023 is ideal for the laying of foundations and groundwork. Think of this as creating works that can generate passive income from the fruits of your creativity such as royalties through intellectual property. However, do be aware that this sector may cause issues between women living in your household.

Centre: If your lifelong dream is to be a veritable walking Wikipedia, Star 4 in the Centre is the place to go. When you have absorbed enough information, go to a different sector to make use of the information.

West: Be cautious about using Star 6 in the West of 2023. If the external landforms in this sector is positive, Star 6 can bring a boost to your leadership skills. But if the external landforms are negative, using this sector can feel suffocatingly stressful.

Northeast: Similarly Star 7 in the Northeast of 2023. Positive external landforms can usher in romance luck and smooth relationships. The opposite is likely to occur if the external landforms are negative. But if improving on your networks is one of the steps to reach your goal, you can consider using the Northeast judiciously.

South: Star 8 in the South of 2023 can be harnessed to bring you investment opportunities. However, note that the Star 8 does not deal with fast money. Success will only come through persistent action and perseverance.


Simply, stand in the middle of your house. Face the door. Use the compass app in your mobile device and turn to look for the relevant sector that you intend to use. Once identified, just do the activity related to the objective.


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