Feng Shui Activators

The ancient art of Feng Shui. Is it myth? Or is it fact? Is it magic and superstition? Or is there some logic to it?

No denying there are many misconceptions around Feng Shui. Some were caused by misinterpretations from oral teachings. Others, by pop-culture and merchandizing. Regardless, it has created an environment where many of us literally ‘know’ some Feng Shui at least.

Case in point – a common Feng Shui rule says that the stove must not be placed next to the sink. This is rooted in logic. If your stove is too close to the sink, what are the odds of a few drops of soapy water falling into your pot while you are cooking? Yuck, right?

In this column, I reveal the logic behind some of the common rules, and may debunk a few in the process.

Logic #1: Feng Shui is ugly

This first misconception is perfectly understandable. This has been accentuated by pop culture surrounding Feng Shui and merchandizing. Buy this, and you will find your soul mate. Buy that, your luck will change. Before long, your home is cluttered with Feng Shui paraphernalia.

Now at this point, let me stress that I am neither promoting nor debunking the effectiveness of Feng Shui items and paraphernalia. The human mind is a powerful thing. If you really believe that placing a certain object in a certain location will help improve your luck, then by dint of the force of your belief, it’d probably work!

However, drilled down to its most basic, Feng Shui activations are nothing more than an interplay between the Five Elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.


If you are looking to activate Water, a pail of water will do. Given our humid and tropical climes, we would recommend placing an aquarium pump into the water. Otherwise, heaven forbid you inadvertently start breeding mosquitoes for your neighbours. If this is a permanent placement, an aquarium would also work. It’d probably look better too.

Many people are drawn to water features. Unfortunately, these are less effective. A simple bucket of water works better because what we are looking for is the water pressure.


Plants are a good way to activate Wood energies. Some locations require water-based plants while earth-growing plants work better for other sectors. The only caution here is to prioritize the use of leafy plants as opposed to plants with sharp leaves such as the common Snake Plant.


Heat is the activator for Fire energies. If you are looking to activate Fire energies in your home, a pretty salt lamp typically works with most home décor. Or candles for short term activations!


Smooth river rocks are an ideal decorative yet useful activator for Earth energies. Other ways to activate Earth energies is to use items that are perpetually moving. By the way, this was the principle that created the popular Japanese cat with a single moving arm. You don’t need to buy a Japanese cat. Any moving object will do. In fact, a fan works best! Leave the fan churning at the lowest level permanently, will continuously churn and activate the energy in that particular sector for you.


Finally, placement of Metal activators can be any type of decorative metal vases. These can be (depending on your budget), either gold, silver, bronze, brass, copper, iron, or even stainless steel. Metal activators are typically used to supress or diffuse the Star 5 energies (following the annual flying stars). If decorative vases are not your thing, and you’d prefer to have this hidden, then metal weights hidden underneath the furniture will also do the trick.


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