Element: Earth

Male (year of birth): 1923, 1932, 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995, 2004

Female (year of birth): 1927, 1936, 1954, 1963, 1971, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008


In the Luo Shu chart, Gua 5 occupies the ‘middle ground’, like an emperor standing in a circle of court officials and ministers. Could we say that Gua 5 is the Gua of an emperor? In fact, why not? Admittedly, Star 5 has an unnecessarily bad reputation. It has been called the star of misfortune, disasters, calamities and various other tragedies. But as a life Gua? This, my friends, is the ultimate Gua of authority.

Your Gua 5 gives you strong leadership qualities and an aura of reliability and stability. You will often find that people automatically trust your judgement in many matters. Your energy to take matters into your own hands creates a sense of autonomy and independence. Better yet, you enjoy being in control.

Gua 5 is imagined as a vast expanse of earth and soil that is always productive and ever abundant. Therefore, people with Gua 5 tend to unconsciously radiate solid reliability. Unlike the other life Guas, who are more flexible, you are never fickle. Your principles are firmly established and you tend to be very determined and focused. The flip side of this trait, of course, is that you can be a little too rigid, stubborn, and domineering.

However, no matter how conservative and strict you may be on the outside, there is a soft core in the Gua 5 person that makes you compassionate and empathetic to those in need. By the existence of this hidden core, you can tell whether your Gua 5 is in a healthy or unhealthy state. As long as the compassion is still present, everything is fine! But if this core of compassion has disappeared and replaced by hunger for power, this is the first indication that your Gua 5 is in an unhealthy state.


A born leader naturally aspires to leadership positions, regardless of what one does for a living. The sheer reliability of Gua 5 makes you an asset to any organization. You are meticulous and organized, and have an amazing ability to get things done. Implementing and leading others is where you excel.

However, when climbing to the top of the ladder, the aura of Gua 5 can be intimidating. Combined with your strong sense of independence and self-confidence, socializing is one of the Gua 5 person’s weaknesses. The most important lesson for Gua 5 at work is to show flexibility and willingness to incorporate the strengths and weaknesses of others into your own rigid approach to work.


The consistency and reliability of Gua 5 extends to your love life and personal relationships. You are like a rock to those around you, be it your life partner or your family and loved ones. But again, this aura of strength can be isolating for you. While others may rely on your strength, your conservative and rigid approach may unintentionally keep others at a distance. This is where you may need to learn to bend a little and have fun!


These are generic personal facing directions, one of the easiest Feng Shui methods to apply. It’s just a matter of shifting your laptop to face the direction you want. But in the case of Gua 5, there will be a difference between the two genders.

Sheng Qi (Life Generating): Northeast (Men); Southwest (Women)

Use this direction for general advancement and growth in life. This direction works well for any business, career, or wealth-related pursuits.

Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor): West (Men); Northwest (Women)

This direction is good for enhancing your mentor luck. If this direction is to be used in the bedroom, this is a good boost for your general physical wellbeing. Face this direction if you are looking to enhance your personal branding. This direction amps up your persuasive skill, and will have some impact on how you are perceived by others.

Yan Nian (Longevity): Northwest (Men); West (Women)

This is a great direction to build smooth interpersonal relationships whether at home or in the office. In short, it’s great for networking. If you are working in a career or business that requires multiple interactions with people from all walks of life, this direction will help you boost your career.

Fu Wei (Stability): Southwest (Men); Northeast (Women)

If it is deep focus and concentration you need, Fu Wei is the direction to face while planning, working, studying, researching, or creating. Anything that requires concentration, really. If you are into the art of meditation, facing Fu Wei while meditating can help you achieve calm and serenity much faster.


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