June 2023. Counting down to the final six months before the ‘official’ debut of Period 9 and Fire is already blazing!

The Bazi chart for the month of June 2023 suggests a month of collaborative creativity, increased drive and passion, and be on the lookout for more AI platforms coming our way. Haven’t we already got plenty? Welp… apparently not!

Which of the 12 Zodiac signs will be affected by this months’ chart? I will only be listing the animal signs that are directly impacted by the month. Some zodiacs will not be in this list, meaning there is no relationship between the June Bazi Chart and that particular animal sign.


If you have the Rat anywhere in your Bazi Chart, just note that this is a clash month for you. Basically, your Rat pillar will be the Month Breaker in June. Much like how you would use the Year Breaker energy, this is a good month to take the initiative and make some small adjustments to your strategies.

Of course, the small changes you make would depend on where the Rat falls in your Natal Bazi Chart. If it falls in your Year Pillar, why not take the initiative to hang out with a different group of friends? If the Rat governs your Month Pillar, perhaps some small changes to your work routine? If the Rat is found in your Day Pillar, a small change in lifestyle or daily routine might be just the trick. And if it’s in your Hour Pillar, this could be the month to achieve a small breakthrough in your self improvement efforts.

In all this, setting realistic expectations will be quite important, especially as the Rat will still be feeling the effects of the Ungrateful Punishment with the Rabbit Year and Hour pillar in the Month’s Chart, as well as the Harm relationship with the Goat in June’s Day Pillar. After all, it’s just a month’s energy. No need to go all out. With the Rat-Goat harm, it’s pretty important to keep your stress levels under control.


 Another zodiac undergoing a minor clash is the Ox. While the Ox is not yet the Month Breaker (only in July), your Ox will also see a small Clash and a minor Bully Punishment with the Goat, as well as a Harm with the Horse in the month chart. Again, it’s only a month’s energy, therefore, only minor tweaks are required.

The Ox-Goat clash and Bully Punishment together tend to feel a little like you are stuck in a quagmire. This may just be a temporary doldrum that just disappears on its own after a few days. Try to keep tabs on this feeling. If it drags on, you may want to consider making some pro-active changes to trick your brain into getting out of the rut.

This could be changing your social habits (Year Pillar), work routine (Month Pillar), daily habits (Day Pillar), or even monitoring your mental habits (Hour Pillar).


The Rabbit will see a Destruction with the Horse month, making this a great month for innovation and re-boot. A potential Three Harmony with the Goat Day Pillar also makes this a good month for networking.

A month’s Destruction energy is great for making strategic changes to your personal branding (Rabbit in the Year), create new innovations at work (Month), initiate a change of habits (Day), or a change of mindset and knowledge (Hour).


Whoa there! For those with the Horse in your Bazi Chart, June 2023 may feel a little like you are trying to rein in a runaway horse. Well nigh impossible, I know. This added burst of Fire may have you feeling more competitive and impatient than usual.

These feelings can be triggering. However, this increased passion, drive and competitiveness can be exactly what you need to push past the obstacles and create a new breakthrough. Pace yourself, though! Next month is the month of the Goat, which means that this Fire will continue to burn!


If you have the Goat in your Bazi Chart, here comes your combination month. The Goat-Horse combination creates Fire! With the presence of the Rabbit in the month’s Year Pillar and Hour Pillar, you could also benefit from the Hai-Mao-Wei Three Harmony combination. Cue: passion, drive, progress, and impatience! Regardless, it’s a great month to increase your impact, contribution and value!


The Dog may be feeling under pressure in June 2023. First we see a combination between your Dog Branch with the Year’s Rabbit. Then comes a Destruction and Bully Punishment with the Goat in the June 2023 Bazi Chart.

All this pent up stress is unhealthy. This might just be your cue to find a way to let off some steam in a healthy way.


If you have the Pig in your Chart, you’d better be networking. Your Pig pillar is the missing link in this month’s Hai-Mao-Wei Three Harmony. Additionally, we also see a hidden combination with the Horse in the month chart. If you have been looking to build relationship with mentors and noble people, this is the month to find a way to offer your service.


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