July 2023 Qimen

The dynamic art of Qimendunjia is excellent for short-term tactics and strategies. While monthly Bazi strategies are great for activities aimed at the strongest energy of the month, Qimen brings a psychological layer into the picture. In short, my chart; my perspective. Read on for the July 2023 Qimen Strategies in the Southeast palace.


  1. Plot your personal Qimen Destiny Chart here: https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx
  2. Take particular note of the labels inside your own chart and determine the sectors/palaces for each of your key palaces. For example: your Destiny Palace may be in the East palace. You will see a red box inside the East.
  3. I would highly recommend that you keep your focus strictly on just a few key palaces – the Destiny Palace, the Career Palace, the Wealth Palace, and perhaps the Relationship Palace.
  4. The following description is the likely opportunities or challenges that you may experience in those sectors of your life in July 2023.


July 2023 Qimen

In our pursuit of success and personal growth, it’s crucial to periodically realign our goals and reassess how we view and utilize resources for the future. Sometimes, it’s not about how much effort we pour into our dreams. Sometimes, progress gets stunted due to a lack of support. At times like these, continuing forward without mindful consideration may not be the best idea. At best, we may waste even more time. At worst, we may even risk depleting our future resources.  

As circumstances change and new opportunities emerge, it becomes essential to adapt our mindset and strategies to ensure continued progress.

Reevaluating Goals: When the Destruction star and the Harm door comes together, it forms the Thunder hexagram, which can represent a need to reevaluate our goals. This involves critically evaluating our current objectives and determining if they still align with our values, aspirations, and evolving circumstances. It requires introspection and a willingness to let go of outdated or no longer relevant goals. By realigning our goals, we can ensure that our efforts are directed toward meaningful and purposeful pursuits.

Embracing Flexibility: In a dynamic world, rigidly clinging to a single path can hinder progress. Embracing flexibility allows us to adapt to changing circumstances and seize new opportunities. It means being open to adjusting our goals and strategies as needed, fostering a mindset that welcomes innovation, exploration, and growth.

Resource Optimization: Rebooting how we view resources involves reevaluating how we allocate and leverage our time, energy, skills, and connections. It requires a shift in perspective to identify untapped resources and explore creative ways to optimize their utilization. By adopting a resourceful mindset, we can maximize our productivity, create new opportunities, and overcome potential limitations.


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