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In this post, let’s head outside to explore the significance of the courtyard or the garden in Feng Shui.   In most houses, courtyards are rare. This refers to an external unroofed area within the house that is enclosed by surrounding walls. Typically, courtyards are only found in large mansions.  

Gardens, on the other hand, are more common, easily found in most landed homes. In Feng Shui, the courtyard or the garden acts as an enhancer to pull the Qi into your home. In the case of landed homes or linked houses, the garden can literally be a part of your Bright Hall. Therefore, the garden or courtyard does play a role within the Feng Shui of your home.  

Plants are considered Wood element activators, and are generally used either as enhancers or a natural screen against negative formations from the outside coming in.  

Garden Logic #1: A garden full of flowers indicate Peach Blossom problems  

Partially true. Allow me to explain. Flowers boost likability and is commonly used to enhance Peach Blossom luck. It is sometimes seen as a negative because problems related to the Peach Blossom typically manifest as the presence of third parties that could potentially disrupt the relationship in the home. Most Feng Shui practitioners will recommend a simple remedy by swapping the flower-bearing plants with just leafy plants.  

This perspective stems from the assumption that we have zero willpower of our own. In today’s attention economy, likability plays a big factor in our success. If you are at all worried about Peach Blossom problems in your relationship, then by all means, don’t place flowering plants. On the other hand, if your business or career literally requires public support, a flowering garden in the right sector of your home can certainly help enhance your likability.  

Garden Logic #2: Blockages in the drainage can cause health issues  

True. The function of the drains is to carry dirty water out of our homes. Any blockages will inevitably result in stagnant Qi. It is best to ensure that our drains are constantly clear of rubbish and allow for the smooth exit of dirty water from your home.  

Garden Logic #3: Open drains are a problem in Feng Shui  

Partially true, but not for the reason you think it is. This is pure common sense. Uncovered drains pose a physical danger, which is why it is recommended to cover the drains outside your house.  

Garden Logic #4: Man-made mountains, waterfall and bridges will help enhance my luck  

Partially true. However, this can only be done if your home and Bright Hall is big enough. I’m talking mansions here, people! And it must be built correctly right down to the exact degree. If you want to do this, please engage the services of a professional Feng Shui practitioner. Otherwise, please, just don’t do it.

Garden Logic #5: Having a water feature in my garden will help enhance my luck  

Yes, but… water features can only be installed if your garden is located in either the North, East, South East or South West sector of your home. Even then, the preference is for a pond is preferred to a fountain. The function of the water feature is to help collect the Qi. Fountains will create more disruptions and instability.  


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