Xin Metal October 2023

In an age where Instagram filters, Photoshop, and curated social media profiles dominate our screens, the concept of a distorted self-image has become increasingly prevalent. For the Xin Metal Day Master, October 2023 may be the month to embrace your authenticity and self-acceptance.


Xin Metal Day Masters values refinement and elegance. Self-value is inherently important for you, regardless of whether you enjoy the attention of others or not.

In a Xin Metal Day Master’s Bazi Chart, the presence of the Ren Water is important. This represents your ability to self-reflect and the mindfulness of how you present yourself to others. But when the Xin Metal Day Masters experience a month where the Ren Water inundates the chart, there is a possibility of creating a ‘Hall of Mirrors Effect’ where your self-image becomes dangerously distorted.

It is essential to recognize the signs of a distorted self-image. These signs include negative self-talk, excessive comparisons, as well as avoidance and isolation due to feelings of self-consciousness or self-doubt.

Instead of staying trapped in a social media algorithm, how can a Xin Metal Day Master make positive use of the October 2023 Ren Xu chart?

With your 7 Killings and Direct Resource stars inside the Earth branch, let’s start by taking physical action through the simple remedy of exercise, plenty of rest, and becoming conscious of how you nourish your body. In other words, self-care as opposed to self-hate.

With that first step done, let’s focus on building and maintaining authentic connections with individuals who share your values and aspirations (as opposed to counting likes on social media).

And finally, with the Hurting Officer on the Heavenly Stems, it’s time to live your brand. Ensure that every action you take, reflects who you really are as opposed to who you think you should be.


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