Ren Water October 2023

In Bazi, the Ren Water is visualized as a large body of water. The Ren Xu (October 2023), on the other hand, is imagined as a dam where a vast quantity of water is kept within the confines of a mountain. The October 2023 is awash with Ren Water energy. As the Water energy keeps rising, the pressure on the dam increases. Eventually, something has to give.

For the Ren Water Day Master, October 2023 could be a month to focus on breaking past self-imposed restrictions.


Often, the most significant restrictions we face are the ones we impose on ourselves. For the Ren Water Day Master, October 2023 presents with your Ren Water Friend star on the Heavenly Stem. This is a time for networking amongst your peers.

Of course, nothing to stop you from networking for fun. It’s also called hanging out. If the mere act of hanging out helps relieve the pressure somewhat, then why not?

However, to use the month’s energy to the max, it is best when the networking is anchored around several objectives. With your Ding Fire Wealth star in the Earthly Branch, you could network to find out what other people are doing and therefore, help you refine your plan.

Use your Wu Earth Influence star in a positive way by stepping outside of your comfort zone and engage with new people. As you gain experience and see the value you bring to these interactions, your confidence naturally grows.

Use Networking to access knowledge and expertise that you may not possess. By networking, we can connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries where you can tap into their insights and experiences.

All the above are small steps you can take within a month to build up enough confidence and willpower to break past your own self-imposed limitations. As you do so, watch your horizons expand and restrictions fall away. I have yet to meet a Ren Water Day Master who does not enjoy that.


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