2023 November Bazi

With the November 2023 Bazi Chart comes yet another tide of Water energies Riding the waves of November 2023 will require intelligent use of the Water element.

At first glance, you will notice the sheer strength of Water in this Chart, both in terms of seasonality as well as location. But let’s dig a little deeper.

This Geng Metal (庚) Day Master is extremely weak. It is in the wrong season, with limited support, and is constantly exerting strength to produce prosperous Water and control the strong Wood. This Metal is being submerged and rusted by too much Water. Translated to human behaviour, you may notice a general tendency for the people around you (or maybe even yourself), to be more introspective and melancholy.

Too much unrestrained Water also represents a lot of ideas, but little opportunities to take action. While we see a Bing Fire (丙) in the Hour pillar, this midnight sun does not have much impact on the overall chart which presents as misty, cold and wet. For those of you who are vulnerable to depression (especially the Wood Day Masters), please be mindful that you will must have some coping strategies on hand.

From a public or market perspective, this tidal wave of Water energies represent misplaced passion, drive and creativity that may be focused on frivolous activities. For the investors among us, brace for an onslaught of rumours and unfounded theories. But on the positive side, we can expect to see the introduction of even more innovations.

This describes the overall ‘mood’ of the November 2023 energy. Therefore, managing expectations, whether you are a career professional or business owner, is one of the keys for November 2023.

In Bazi, there are two sayings that frequently come up when Metal meets Water. The first and most common is 金水多情 where Metal meeting Water creates a tidal wave of emotions. The second and lesser known is 金白水清, where Metal is pure, there is clarity of emotions. In the study of Chinese Metaphysics, Water can represent many things, one of them is Clarity! Here lies the opportunity of November – to seek or establish Clarity!

So how can we use this Water energy to our advantage? In the upcoming posts, we will examine the Water energy with respect to the different types of Day Masters.


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