2023 November Bazi

For the Ren and Gui Water Day Masters, November 2023 is a good time to turn your focus on establishing clarity in your various collaborations.

In Chinese Metaphysics, Water represents or governs a number of keywords or abilities. One of them, is collaboration. Of the 5 Elements, Water is the only one that can easily meld into each other. While there are stark differences between a Ren Water Day Master versus a Gui Water Day Master, they both possess the ability to easily assimilate into diverse social ecosystems. Just like milk easily dissolves into coffee!

Regardless if you are a business owner or career professional, collaborative efforts is something we all engage in to a certain extent in our daily lives. This could be a business collaboration, a work-related collaboration, or maybe even a side project among friends! But how many times have you sat in on a meeting wondering why on earth are you there?

Ever walked into a packed meeting room where only three people are actively engaged while the rest are secretly (or not so secretly) thumbing through their mobile phones? Isn’t this a common scenario?

Teams require clarity to stay motivated and focused. To be more specific, team members require clarity about why their shared work matters. This is especially true when you are trying to rope a bunch of individual achievers from different departments to work together. Clarity about why the collaboration matters.

Without this clarity about the importance of their contribution towards the greater goal, it will be difficult to get the group moving in the right direction. When done masterfully, this level of clarity can even help you overcome personality differences among the team members.

However, given the fact that this is a one-month energy tilt in November, it would be suffice if you could focus on establishing clarity on what requires collaboration and what doesn’t. In essence, focus on establishing clarity about the roles in your collaborative efforts.


2023 November Bazi

The above is especially true for the Ren Water Day Master experiencing a Rob Wealth month where some form of leadership is required of you to overcome arguments, conflicts, gossips, and rumour mongering.

Alternatively, you could use the energy of the month to either crowdfund ideas by initiating brainstorming sessions where you get to pick the brains of the other professionals around you.

Can we find another use for this Rob Wealth month? When your competitor rises up to the Heavenly Stems, it’s a good month to spend some time studying their strategies.


2023 November Bazi

Gui Water Day Masters, on the other hand, can turn this energy inwards to create internal clarity especially with regards to improving your personal relationships. A month ago, the October 2023 Bazi chart brought a sense of rivalry to the Gui Water Day Master. In November, there is a high chance that this feeling of rivalry may continue.

However, with this influx of Companion energy comes the opportunity to further enhance your pool of social contacts, acquaintances and friends.

Under such circumstances, having the clarity to filter the quality of your contacts is important. The energy is just bringing you a stream of contacts. It does not guarantee that every single person in that stream will be beneficial to you. Filtering them is your job! Along with this flood of new friends, might come those whom, from your perspective, are there solely for wanting something from you.

Therefore, having the self-clarity of what you are looking for in your personal relationships can help you navigate these waters. What type of support are you looking for? What type of support are you willing to give? What type of role do they play in your life? Similarly, what type of role do you play in theirs? Spending some time in November 2023 to create that internal clarity can be helpful as you expand your influence base while heading towards the excitement of the coming Period 9.


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