The Rooster has been on a winning streak since 2020. And the good news is, 2022 is also set to be yet another winner for the Rooster!


The Rooster enjoyed a wealth of positive stars in 2021. You had Wealth Stars aplenty (Golden Lock and Duke Reward), problem-solving stars (Relief God and Sky Relief), and authority stars in the form of the General Star and the Eight Seats.

I’m going to dwell a little on the General Star, in particular. As mentioned, this star conveys authority and status. It also came with the expectations of others for you to assume the leadership role. Given these positive stars, 2021 must have been a very exciting and rewarding year for the Rooster.

But what about 2022?


2022 Chinese Zodiac Rooster


You must have gotten used to wielding authority by now! Because after the General Star in 2021, comes the Emperor Star in 2022! Again, this is yet another authority booster which comes with an added bonus, the ability to dissipate most of the negative stars.

Let’s think about authority for a minute. It’s not about bossing people around. Rather, this nobleman star requires you to serve. A great leader serves his or her public. People follow you because of your ability to serve their needs. So using  the Emperor Star is to take on the willingness to serve.


The Dragon Virtue can be considered as a nobleman star as well as a star of blessings. This foretells a smooth journey ahead in 2022, with plenty of help and support to help you in your endeavors. Its presence is telling you to be brave. Carry on with your plans and your journey. Help is at hand when you need it.


Along with two powerful nobleman stars come the Heavenly Chef which you share with the Tiger in 2022. This is a star of good food and happy occasions. When people gather together, usually there is always good food on the table. Therefore, this can be considered as a networking star. Used wisely, by meeting and connecting with more people, you gain the opportunity to grow your tribe and meet with noble people along the way.


Things have been going pretty smoothly for you over the past few years. The arrival of the Brutal Defeat is asking you to make sure that you stay grounded. This is a star of extreme ups and downs. So you can’t be too greedy. Go for long-term steady growth instead.


Your recent success may have generated some envy and jealousy of late. The Broken Star is trying to warn you that others may spread false rumors that could have a negative impact on your reputation. Therefore, please make sure you stay alert. That’s where the networking from the Heavenly Chef also comes in. By ensuring that you stay connected to your public, you will have the chance to nip these rumors in the bud before they cause serious problems.


The last thing we want to do is to feel helpless in the face of these runaway rumors. If not addressed quickly, you may feel like you have been victimized by your detractors. This is the feeling that the Bath star conveys. Think of a newborn babe being bathed for the first time. You have no control, and you are being manipulated by others.

But since you are obviously not a newborn babe, the presence of the Bath star is an indication of the need for better emotional management. Remember! If we are easily offended, then we are easily manipulated.


Last, but not least, please make sure that you don’t neglect your health. The Dark Sky suggests low immunity and may make you vulnerable to a virus attack.

The literal meaning of the Dark Sky suggests that you may also fall prey to the presence of dark spirits. Now, if that scares the living daylights out of you, just make sure you don’t visit places where the Yin energies are too strong. Like graveyards, for example.

Another way to interpret the Dark Sky would be mental and emotional instability. So once again, we circle back to the need for better emotional management and a higher EQ.


Here are some suggestions for the Rooster in 2022:

  1. Activate your Emperor Star and the Dragon Virtue. Now that you have been given a seat at the power table, use every opportunity to showcase your leadership skills by being pro-active about tackling problems.
  2. With the presence of the Heavenly Chef, get yourself out there and network!


The Rooster Zodiac Sign could potentially fall in your Year, Month, Day, or Hour Pillar. To plot your Bazi chart, please your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.

Year Pillar

The Year pillar governs your interaction with the world – your industry, social networks, friends, and personal branding. If the Rooster falls in your Year Pillar, this is the time to showcase your knowledge and expertise. So, do make sure that you share your learnings and experiences on professional platforms such as LinkedIn.

Month Pillar

The Month pillar governs your career and work – your bosses, colleagues, and partners. If the Rooster falls in your Month, you will need to be pro-active in your approach to either your career or business.

Learn to troubleshoot and head off problems before they become catastrophes. Every business exists to solve a problem. So the question here is, what problems can you solve?

Day Pillar

The Day pillar governs your self and your spouse. If the Rooster falls in your Day, you can use the Dragon Virtue to dissolve any issues that are currently holding you back.

Is it a lack of knowledge? Lack of motivation? Lack of courage? Use the Heavenly Chef to get out there and meet those who have done what you have always wanted to do. Gain inspiration from them!

Hour Pillar

The Hour pillar governs your thoughts, ideas, ideals and investments. If the Rooster falls in your Hour, contribute your knowledge, ideas and problem-solving know-how to your industry, business, organization, industry, or even your community.


Now, remember! The Annual Auxiliary Stars make up only 12% to 15% of your Year. It’s just one layer of reading. To understand and create strategies for a successful year ahead, hit me up for a personal consult. Let’s co-create your strategy together and make 2022 your best year yet!


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