In this article, let’s explore the 2022 Chinese Zodiac stars for the Rabbit.

Every year, there will always be one particular animal branch or zodiac sign that does not have any positive stars. What it means is that you do not have any external support and therefore, need to create your own luck. In 2021, such was the scenario for the Rabbit.

But fret no more! Because 2022 is coming and help is literally on the way!

For the Rabbit, most of the negative stars in 2021 centered around mental health (Cascading Clouds and Peeling Head). These stars tend to cause emotional imbalance issues. When one is not centered, there would also be a strong possibility of relationship problems in the forms of arguments that lead to perhaps a communication breakdown (Calamity Sha and Separating Edge). Basically, 2021 was a pretty argumentative year for the Rabbit.

Now if you’ve managed to side-step all these, then great! Good for you!

Otherwise, below is one possibility how the Annual Stars could pan out for you.



However, if you fell prey to those negative stars, there could be some lingering issues that will be carried into 2022. This is what the Yearly Sha or Annual Sha represents. These setbacks could possibly be caused by the issues that arose in 2021.


Resolving the above setbacks will require more than just talk. Action is called for. That is the core message of the Sky Emptiness. Without pro-active action, the Sky Emptiness may just amplify the effects of the Yearly or Annual Sha. The Sky Emptiness is also a star of overweening ambitions. But at the end of the day, circumventing the Sky Emptiness is very simple – stop talking, start doing.


The effects of the Sky Emptiness could also be amplified by the presence of the Salty Pool. Now, with regards to this star, the traditional masters tend to see it as a negative. By the old interpretations, the Salty Pool represents overwhelming desires and passions. They tend to equate this to sex!

On the other hand, a modern interpretation puts the Salty Pool into the positive column. Desire and passion is not a bad thing when channeled in the right manner. It can even drive you to a higher degree of success.

So perhaps let’s just call this a rather neutral star – one that you can use for your own benefit. Since the Salty Pool represents desire and the Sky Emptiness represents over-arcing ambitions. The two stars together describes a situation where you could possibly find yourself in a position where you have bitten off more carrot (pun intended!) than you can chew!

But like I said earlier, don’t worry! Help is near at hand!


In 2022, the Rabbit is blessed by not one, not two, but three powerful nobleman stars. The Great Sun is one of the most desirable stars in an annual forecast. It has the power to dissolve the effects of the negative stars.


The Sky Noble is also a nobleman star. In this case, this star relates more to academic and exam luck – great for students!


For those of us who have left our school days eons ago, we don’t really need luck with examinations. But, we could always do with some mentor luck. Someone who have experienced what you are currently going through and literally coming into your life to show you the way. The Heavenly Yi is powerful nobleman star that can literally open doors for you!

With three heavyweight nobleman stars in your corner, you really must try to activate these stars in 2022. How to do that? Here are 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Identify the problems you wish to resolve. If there are no problems, then identify the objective you wish to attain.

Step 2: Figure out what kind of person or what type of skillset you will need from this person. Basically, you need to identify the nobleman. You can’t just activate these stars by sitting at home with your arms crossed and wait for the nobleman to suddenly just show up. We’re not talking about the Aladdin’s genie here after all.

Step 3: The most important step of them all – you offer your help first! Because in order to receive, we must first give!


The Peach Blossom is all about likability. So you don’t have to worry too much about being turned away by your noble people. They will like you. You just have to make sure that you offer something in return.

In summary, 2022 for the Rabbit is all about being helpful. The more you volunteer your help, the more assistance and support will come your way.


The Rabbit Zodiac Sign could potentially fall in your Year, Month, Day, or Hour Pillar. To plot your Bazi chart, please your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.

Year Pillar

The Year pillar governs your interaction with the world – your industry, social networks, friends, and personal branding. If the Rabbit falls in your Year Pillar, you need to get yourself out there and network. These are mentors who can help open doors for you in your industry.

Month Pillar

The Month pillar governs your career and work – your bosses, colleagues, and partners. If the Rabbit falls in your Month, don’t be shy about offering your assistance to those with whom you work closely with. If there were any arguments caused by the argumentative stars of 2021, this will be a great year to mend your bridges.

Day Pillar

Using your Nobleman stars in your Day Pillar will depend on what you want. Since it represents your spouse palace, if you are married, your spouse could be your noble person in 2022! If there are problems that you want to resolve in the relationship, the presence of the Great Sun is a wonderful opportunity to dissolve those issues.

If you are single and open to a relationship, then look within your close circle of friends. They may be able to introduce someone into your life and open the doors to a new chapter!

What if you are single and not looking? Then use these positive stars to enhance and enrich your personal relationships with those that matter most to you.

Hour Pillar

The Hour pillar governs your thoughts, ideas, ideals and investments. If the Rabbit falls in your Hour, be on the lookout for opportunities to enhance your investments. These noble people could come in the form of investment gurus who can teach you how to improve your net worth. But in order to make use of their knowledge, you must first expose yourself to their opinions in the first place.


Now, remember! The Annual Auxiliary Stars make up only 12% to 15% of your Year. To understand and create strategies for a successful year ahead, hit me up for a personal consult. Let’s co-create your strategy together and make 2022 your best year yet!


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