From the way the stars are lining up for the Snake, 2022 is set to be a year of great expectations. It’s gonna be an interesting year, to say the least. You have your fair share of negative stars, but at the same time, you also have a trio of heavyweight nobleman stars. In other words, you don’t need to fight these battles alone!


Apart from a bunch of petty negative stars, the Snake had some pretty solid positive stars in 2021 – the Three Stages, Golden Carriage and National Treasure. For the career professional, these three represented the opportunity for promotions. For business owners, these three represented an increase in reputation and market opportunities.

Pretty good, right? But life is not always on an upwards trajectory. As much as we would wish for it to be so, in every life, a little rain must fall. Agree? So let’s take a look at what’s in store for the Snake in 2022.



Having enjoyed an uptick of opportunities in 2021, along comes the Moon which can be translated as a star of entrepreneurial ideas. I think it’s a natural progression. Opportunities literally came your way in 2021. And as you took advantage of those opportunities, your outlook may change, your mindset may shift. Suddenly, you find yourself awash with ideas that you are absolutely itching to try out! Which is great! But try not to rush things too much because there are some warnings to be found in the negative stars.


The Piercing Rope is a star of external pressure. It could be political pressure, economic pressure, or even societal pressure. It creates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). So you find yourself feeling like you are constantly in a hurry or perpetually trying to play catch up. Which leads us to…


The Death God star represents extreme workload. But isn’t it a given? You accepted the promotion in 2021, naturally, your workload will increase. Or, as a business owner, you took on the new opportunities and therefore, again, the workload increases! Therefore, this star is a warning of time and energy management.


While you focus your energies in pursuit of new opportunities, be careful. The Hook Spirit sounds a warning that there are problems from the past that needs to be resolved. Basically, issues that have been swept under the rug are resurfacing. The Hook Spirit is telling you this: before you rush helter-skelter towards new opportunities, you must make sure that your own house is in order.


In particular, pay attention to your own internal workflow, processes and accounting practices. The Great Assembly is trying to tell you that there are loopholes that need to be plugged. It represents stolen or lost wealth caused by your employees. Now it may not be actual physical theft. There may be loopholes in your existing system that has allowed things to slip through the cracks.

For instance, let’s say that you are a beautician. In the past, you may have allowed your employees to side-gig. But now, they are funneling your regular clients into their side gigs. So that means, income loss because you may have lost that customer. Or… someone on your payroll is not pulling their weight. So that salary becomes a loss because that person is not doing what you paid him or her to do.

When we see Great Assembly, it’s time to look into processes and plug the loopholes.


If you find yourself feeling the effects of the Piercing Rope, Death God and Hook Spirit, it’s time to activate the Sky Gracious. This is a peach blossom and intelligence star. It is also a nobleman star. How to use this? Find someone to talk to. You could bounce your ideas off that person, or even talk your issues through with them. When we share all that stuff tumbling about in our heads, it does ease the pressure somewhat.


The Heavenly Yi is also a powerful nobleman star. Traditionally, this is usually interpreted as female noble persons in your life. The presence of both the Sky Gracious and Heavenly Yi is trying to tell you that what you’re going through is not unique. Someone has experienced it before. Seek help!


The effects of the Piercing Rope, Hook Spirit and Great Assembly could trigger the Six Harm. This is a star of betrayal. In other words, you feel like you have been betrayed. It may not be an actual betrayal. It could be something as simple as unmet expectations.


In technical terms, the Triple Punishment for the Snake would be the Ungrateful Punishment. At its most basic level, the Ungrateful Punishment signifies that your hard work is going unappreciated. In other words, it’s a message to change the way you present yourself or your work. Self-marketing and self-promotion is called for!


We can counter the effects of the Six Harm and Triple Punishment with the Tai Ji Nobleman. This is a powerful spiritual nobleman. It gives you the ability to let go! When you release your expectations, there can be no betrayal nor punishment. However, because the Tai Ji Nobleman is spiritual in nature, activating this star will require you to open yourself to spiritual pursuits. At the very core, it’s asking you to get centered. Which form the spiritual pursuits take is up to you. It could be meditation, or yoga, or your religion and prayers, or spiritual retreats to recharge your batteries.


Admittedly, the Shen Sha story for the Snake in 2022 seem rather complex. To summarize, the stars are telling you that help or noble people are at hand to help you with the following:

  1. Problems caused by being overly aggressive (Piercing Rope)
  2. Past issues that must be resolved (Hook Spirit)
  3. Loopholes causing wastage in your systems (Great Assembly)
  4. Feelings of unmet expectations (Six Harm and Triple Punishment)

Yet at the same time, don’t forget all those noblemen stars literally rooting for you!


Having mentioned that help is near at hand, let’s take a quick look at the animal signs that can be of assistance to you in 2022. Putting aside your personal nobleman, you can also access anyone of the following three:

  1. The Monkey has actual problem-solving stars in 2022. This could come in the form of actual physical help.
  2. If you just need someone to talk to, the Rooster also has a number of powerful nobleman stars in that sector in 2022.
  3. If it is visibility you need, then the Ox would be your go-to for that particular issue.


The Snake Zodiac Sign could potentially fall in your Year, Month, Day, or Hour Pillar. To plot your Bazi chart, please your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.

Year Pillar

The Year pillar governs your interaction with the world – your industry, social networks, friends, and personal branding. If the Snake falls in your Year Pillar, you may find many of your contacts burdened by pressure and unmet expectations. You could be the nobleman to others. Help them get centered. Listen to their problems, help them find solutions.

I would also pay attention to your past social media posts. You may want to go through your previous postings and maybe scrub a couple that may be too offensive to others.

Month Pillar

The Month pillar governs your career and work – your bosses, colleagues, and partners. If the Snake falls in your Month, change how you present yourself, your work and your product to your superiors or clients. Similar to the Year Pillar, I would also take a look at the past social media posts to ensure that nothing controversial could resurface to bite you in the rear end.

Day Pillar

The Day pillar governs your self and your spouse. If the Snake falls in your Day, you may feel a lot of societal pressure in your marriage. I don’t know about Western societies, but here in Asia, the pressure can be overwhelming. If you are single, you feel the pressure to be married. When you are married, you feel the pressure to have a kid. Once you have a kid, you are pressured to have more. The list never ends!

The Tai Ji Nobleman is probably the best star to use here. We make like Elsa in Frozen and literally… let it go!

Hour Pillar

The Hour pillar governs your thoughts, ideas, ideals and investments. If the Snake falls in your Hour, take a look at your expectations towards your children, your staff and your investments. Are you expecting too much? Are those expectations even realistic? Again, with the Tai Ji Nobleman, take the opportunity to expose yourself to spiritual pursuits. The objective? To get centered.

The Hour Pillar can also represent your staff. In that case, you should probably pay heed to the Great Assembly and spend some effort looking into potential loopholes. Remember? Great Assembly means losses incurred by your staff.


With the Snake in your chart, this is a year to learn how to manage expectations. You will need to be pro-active in resolving problems and tackling obstacles. Being re-active may trigger a whole can of worms!


Now, remember! The Annual Auxiliary Stars make up only 12% to 15% of your Year. It’s just one layer of reading. To understand and create strategies for a successful year ahead, hit me up for a personal consult. Let’s co-create your strategy together and make 2022 your best year yet!


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