Reciprocity is the name of the game in 2023, if you have the Dragon in your Chart. Because you need to get ready to welcome, the most powerful Nobleman star of all!


In creating this new series, I’ve endeavoured to shift your perspectives of the positive and negative stars. They are neither promises nor guarantees. Instead, these are tools given to you for 2023, and it’s up to you to choose which one works better for you. The results become more obvious when we match our actions to the effects.

And when we learn to use these stars, that is when life happens for you, instead of happening to you.

Therefore, this post will include descriptions of the effects of the stars, followed by some ideas (or suggestions, if you will), on how the stars can be used. Please note that critical thinking is required on your part. Because without looking at the full information from your unique Bazi Chart, the ideas cannot be customized and must be kept as broad as possible.


2022 for the Dragon was a lesson in emotional management, and like the Rat, it was about how you dealt with the limitations that we enforce on ourselves.

No denying, the Dragon has had a bad run of stars the last few years. But in all honesty, 2022 was just bad stars. Nothing was happening to the Dragon. No clash, or combination, or punishment, or destruction… nothin’!

Basically, there was no external support. In 2022, you had to be self-reliant and teach yourself how to deal with your own emotions.


Dragon 2023


The lessons in emotional management continue for yet another year. Why? Because while the decision to change comes in an instant, the process of change takes time!

Therefore, there is a need to manage your own expectations and emotional reactions on how much progress you have made. Basically, that learning process takes time! And well… the Dragon is nothing if not hard on yourself!

That’s the warning when the Sky Emptiness, Six Harm and Bad Qi come together. Together, they either create a sense of perpetual dissatisfaction at best, or form the experience of Learned Helplessness at worse, which can keep us stuck in a downward spiral.

The Sky Emptiness is the star of unrealistic expectations. Big Talk! Lofty ambitions! The Bad Qi warns of inertia and lethargy. When unrealistic expectations meets lethargy, logically, the results may not match up to your expectations. That’s when the Six Harm triggers, it’s a feeling of betrayal. When the Six Harm is activated, there is always a need to manage expectations – other people’s expectations, and more importantly, your own.


But come 2023, there is hope, and there is help… in the form of one of the most powerful Nobleman stars – the Sun. The Sun is, as its name suggests, the Sun, up in the sky.

Let’s think a little about this idea of the Nobleman. See! There is a common misconception about the concept of the Nobleman. Many people think that someone comes along (maybe even riding a white horse), and fixes your life for you. But the reality is, nobody is coming to our rescue! In most cases, Nobleman help comes in the form of perhaps an advice, perhaps a contact, perhaps just a suggestion, or perhaps in the form of knowledge.

But how can we access this Nobleman star? The Pulling Saddle holds a clue. In the traditional interpretation, the Pulling Saddle represents rapid change that can bring positive luck. The operative word is ‘change’. Hence, there is a need to make the effort to change your status quo or perspective.

Therefore, to use a nobleman star requires us to be open to advice. We need to be paying attention! If we reject every suggestion given to us, sooner rather than later, the advice will stop. If we want help, are we helpable in the first place? Sometimes, these advices may sound unpleasant, but they may be what we need to hear.


But here comes the flip – the positive stars, the Sun in particular, has the power to diffuse all the rest of the negative stars.

To use the Sun to diffuse the negative stars, we need a shift of perspective. Instead of searching externally for the nobleman, let’s look inside ourselves and realize that we are the nobleman in our own lives. Which would you rather be – the one who has been blessed with the capacity to help others, or the one always in need of help?

Are we not blessed when we have the capacity to help others? The negative stars disappear when we give our help selflessly, and radiate warmth, optimism and hope like the Sun. It’s about triggering the laws of reciprocity. Reciprocity happens when we give freely so much and so often, without expectations, that others can’t help giving back. Share, teach, empower, and lift up others. It will come back around.

Care for a simple way to use the Sun? Think about the environment you create around you. Make a conscious effort to create a tension-free environment within your personal space. Do people walk on eggshells around you? Or do they leave your presence feeling light-hearted at least? In other words, are you pleasant to be with? So simple, yet so profound, right? Don’t forget, guys, next year is the Dragon’s turn as the Grand Duke.


Dragon 2023

Using the Dragon’s stars in 2023 for career development will require a mindful exercise in managing expectations. In other words, be mindful to never over-promise and under-deliver. Also, do keep your expectations realistic, grounded and real! Get clear on your desired outcomes and communicate exactly what you can contribute towards those goals.


Dragon 2023

For the business owners, here’s your chance to be a nobleman to your customers.

Customer complaints are great feedback to either improve our products and services or research. Look at what the market is saying about your competitors. Within those complaints are opportunities.

By tweaking your solutions to fit the problems, you effectively become a nobleman to your clients. Because in the eyes of a consumer, the one who can solve their problems really is a nobleman.

And who ever said nobleman help has to be free? Another misconception!


So where exactly are these opportunities? In which area of our lives can we be a nobleman to others? To know that, we need to find out where is the Dragon in your Chart?


If the Dragon falls in your Year, the people in your social network or industry is searching for a noble person. Maybe it’s you?

Basically, there is the possibility of meeting two groups of people in 2023. The first group are optimistic, hard working, and hopeful people. The second group are maybe Qi-vampires who talk a big talk, but are constantly complaining. Your job, could be to help this group and encourage them to also help others instead of complaining.

Whether your goals are related to business, career or personal life, a lot of people are complaining out there. Go out, listen to what they are complaining about, and offer your solutions to them.


Likewise, if the Dragon governs your Month pillar, this Nobleman could likely come from someone connected with your work or career. It could be your boss, your peers, your colleagues, your clients, your suppliers. Remember, what do we need to do to use a Nobleman star? Yup! Pay attention!

In this case, you need to first figure out what type of help you need! Is it to get a promotion? A new job? Expand your business? Help you to pivot? Once you got your goal figured out… then you need to identify the Noble Person’s skillsets – what type of knowledge, resources, contacts, abilities does that person need to have to help you achieve your goal? Then, look within your existing contacts for someone who fits the bill.

This is if you are actively seeking the help of a nobleman.

Conversely, if you are right now inspired to be a nobleman to others, it seems like there may be a number of dissatisfied people in your working environment. Again, these could be bosses, colleagues, or peers.

Don’t contribute to the grumblings.  Use your leadership skills here to help create a change of perspective. Create a tension-free environment around your immediate vicinity. Be a pleasant person to work with. The goal is, when people come to us for a heart-to-heart talk, they leave feeling better, not worse. That’s how you can be a nobleman at work.

If you are a business owner, all the better! These stars are good for those in the business of helping people feel better about themselves, businesses that help people overcome that feeling of learned helplessness. Do your research. Listen to what your market is talking about, create a service that provides a solution, and market it!


If your Dragon is in your Day Pillar… the Nobleman is likely to come from your personal relationships, could be your spouse or close friends.

In this case, how you literally carry yourself will determine if a Nobleman is going to come into your life. Energy management is the key. If you are constantly slouching, sighing, moaning, complaining – watch your Nobleman run for the hills!


The hour is our legacy pillar. It governs our ideas, ideals, and aspirations. It is also known as our Knowledge Pillar. Here, the nobleman may come in the form of a teacher – someone with knowledge to impart – knowledge that could change your life. Since the Hour pillar also governs investments, it could be someone who could teach you about investment strategies? Or, if you are a manager, this year’s challenge to you could be a lesson in staff motivation.


Here are 10 simple ideas for the 10 day masters to consider. But remember! Critical thinking on your part is required during the execution of these ideas.

Wood Day Masters with the Dragon in your Bazi Chart: Jia Wood Day Masters who are good at financial management skills can offer that knowledge to others. This could include ideas such as creating money-saving hacks. Conversely, Yi Wood’s type of help can come in the form of acting as an accountability coach.

Fire Day Masters with the Dragon in your Bazi Chart: Most Bing Fire Day Masters come with innate writing skills. If you have already discovered yours, you could possibly offer your help in the form of writing. Ding Fire Day Masters? If you’ve got killer PowerPoint or Canva skills for presentations, that could be the help that you might be able to render others. Otherwise, Ding Fire Day Masters are naturally inspiring. How about teaching your inspirational vocabulary to others?

Earth Day Masters with the Dragon in your Bazi Chart: For the Wu Earth Day Master, perhaps the easiest nobleman of all – offer your time, your comforting presence, and listen! Sometimes, all someone needs are the simple presence of someone next to them to not feel alone. Ji Earth Day Masters could consider using your selling skills to help someone kickstart their business.

Metal Day Masters with the Dragon in your Bazi Chart: Geng Metal Day Masters, if you have amazing research skills, that could be how you help others. Other ideas for this? Offer to be beta-readers or conduct user experience test runs? Any Xin Metal Day Master with the Dragon in your natal chart will, in certain aspects of your life, be an erudite person. As such, the suggestion is easy – teach!

Water Day Masters with the Dragon in your Bazi Chart: Ren Water Day Masters could possibly offer your troubleshooting skills – fact checking, auditing, proof reading, and such. Gui Water Day Masters could consider helping others by offering to be a coach.


It’s been a long article, hasn’t it? If you’ve gotten this far, thank you!

A little about me. My name is Paulynne Cheng and I am a Bazi and Feng Shui practitioner with a bias for career and business development. Mind you, I’m not a business guru or some such. My role, is to interpret the energies of your Bazi Chart and the corresponding 2023 energies for you. To help you identify potential opportunities and possible threats, depending on your goal for 2023.

Should we meet for an onward conversation, my goal is to help you align your actions, not just to the effects of the stars, but also to the flow of energies in your unique Bazi Chart.

When we do that, you really go with the flow and things become easier because you are no longer fighting the energies, but using the energies.


Now, remember! The Annual Auxiliary Stars make up only about 20% of your Year. To understand and create strategies for a successful year ahead, hit me up for a personal consult. Let’s co-create your strategy together and make 2023 your best year yet!


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