If you have the Snake in your Bazi Chart, come 2023, it’s time to take your previous year’s accomplishment to the next level and stretch that influence as far as it can go.


In creating this new series, I’ve endeavoured to shift your perspectives of the positive and negative stars. They are neither promises nor guarantees. Instead, these are tools given to you for 2023, and it’s up to you to choose which one works better for you. The results become more obvious when we match our actions to the effects.

And when we learn to use these stars, that is when life happens for you, instead of happening to you.

Therefore, this post will include descriptions of the effects of the stars, followed by some ideas (or suggestions, if you will), on how the stars can be used. Please note that critical thinking is required on your part. Because without looking at the full information from your unique Bazi Chart, the ideas cannot be customized and must be kept as broad as possible.


The Snake enjoyed a variety of nobleman stars in 2022. Noblemen in all shapes and sizes, in fact! Did you find them? Or better yet, were you a nobleman to others in 2022?

You also had the Moon star which, in addition to being a nobleman star, is also a star of entrepreneurial ideas. Did you act on those ideas? Because if you did, this is also your year to take that core idea and stretch its influence as far as it can go!

Why do I say that? Let’s first explore the opportunities available to you in 2023.


2023 Snake


The Sky Horse represents the opportunity to spread your wings! Perhaps break into a new market which could either be geographic, demographic, or even psychographics in nature.

What if your goals are related to your passions? Again, this can help. It represents an opportunity to meet with people who share your passions but again, are part of a different spectrum of the social strata.

To use the Sky Horse, you need to either travel, change your routines, or establish a presence on social media.


The more you open up to new changes, the more you grow and learn – inadvertently, activating the Sky Gracious nobleman star which is a star of likeability and intelligence.  The Snake had this last year, it’s sticking around for one more year. 


As you grow from strength to strength, your reputation grows along with it, which is the gift of the Sky Fortune. When we put all three together, yes, this is a year to build a name for yourself, to stretch your influence to further your goals. This could be in the form of your career, or business, or even as a person!

Let me hang an easy example on these opportunities. Imagine yourself in the hand-woven shoes of a merchant in ancient China (complete with a scraggly beard and long flowing robes). When they see the Sky Horse, the merchant knows it’s time to pack up a wagon and head over to the next village, or the next town – to sell his goods.

There’s the Sky Gracious – people in the next town were receptive of his goods. And now, he and his products are known in both his home town and the next one. So far… our Mr. Merchant is a happy puppy.

But are there any potential threats? Yes, there are…


In the form of haters. Jealous people. The Broken Star and Separating Edge talks about the possibility of haters spreading rumours about you, rumours that could have a negative impact to your social standing and cause hindrances in your career path.

Essentially, just as you are getting ready to fly, these people get uncomfortable, because they have you pegged or profiled in a certain way Sometimes, when we grow, it causes discomfort to the people around us. It could be because our growth reminds them that they have stagnated, or more commonly, our growth has caused a cognitive dissonance within their heads. The person you have become, and the person they think you are… is now different. And it’s uncomfortable. But it’s their problem!

Allow them to affect you, and the consequences are not pretty. Allowing them to influence your action, you may shut yourself away or shy away from other people, thereby triggering the Solitary star. You are limiting yourself to fit other people’s perspective of you! It’s human to want to be liked. That’s how peer pressure work! But when you trigger the Solitary star… how then, to use the Sky Horse, Sky Gracious and Sky Fortune?

The biggest caution with the Separating Edge would be this: pay extra attention to your documentation. This star can signify problems or issues with documentation. So if you have a contract to sign, if you can afford it, hire a lawyer! Otherwise, read the fine print!

But we can’t stop people from talking, right? So, what’s to do? You don’t start! Don’t get involved in all the petty jealousies and meaningless rivalries, the games of one-upmanship. Because all these causes negativity which in turn, causes stress!


These two, the Funeral Door and Earth Funeral, are illness stars. When these show up, the conventional advice is typically to not attend funerals. But in modern times, it’s usually a health warning. They can also point to the fact that your resistance to negativity is lower this year.

But let’s put other people aside for a minute. In all, when we put these together, you could potentially experience this cognitive dissonance within yourself, especially if the Snake is in your internal pillars – the Hour or the Day! You see the opportunity to grow, but there is resistance because it may not ‘fit’ with your image of who you are. No, I’m not talking about psychotic break! But if you are experiencing this, you need to work this through, either by figuring it out yourself, coaching yourself, talking to trusted friends and family or even a coach.


The biggest warning actually comes from the Great Sha, which carries a warning against gambling or speculative investments. So do be conservative, but make full use of the opportunities to stretch your influence.


Keeping an eye on 2024, we are building a reputation, stretching your influence so that, come 2024, you will be able to access a better class of noble people. Is that enough encouragement for you?


How then, can we use all these stars for career growth? Here are two ideas:

  1. Strategic Networking – making the conscious effort to connect with people who share our vision and can help us stretch our influence. This may entail being a nobleman to them!
  2. Let’s give them something to really talk about! Since we can’t do much about the haters (coz haters will hate), why not wow them with our accomplishments? Since they are inclined to feel envy and jealousy, let those feelings be over something of substance.


As for the business owners, the presence of the Sky Horse, Sky Gracious and Sky Fortune is a good opportunity to undertake a small re-branding exercise with an eye to appeal to a different subset of your market.

The negative stars? Great to address common misconceptions about your business, to educate potential new customers.


“All of us are put in boxes, some just have the courage to break free.”

Geena Rocero, American model and transgender advocate.

If I may, I’d like to add to that, “Sometimes, we put ourselves into boxes, and it takes extraordinary courage to break free.”


So where exactly are these opportunities? In which area of our lives can we stretch our influence? To know that, we need to find out where is the Snake in your Chart?


If the Snake falls in your Year, take this opportunity to broaden and enrich your network of contacts It could be people from other parts of the globe, or from other industries, other walks of life, other socio-demographic segments with different perspectives. It’s about Strategic Networking.

The Sky Horse cannot work unless you are in position to use it. You need to go out, be pro-active, and create the opportunity to stretch your influence. In the olden days, the Sky Horse shows up, and the poor dude basically ponies up and heads off to the next village 5 days away.

In today’s world, it’s easy to use the Sky Horse. Establish a presence on social media. Give value first, without expecting anything in return. The Snake is susceptible to the Ungrateful Punishment, which means, people may not appreciate what you do. So just give, consistently. Have patience, it takes time to build up momentum on social media.


If the Snake governs your Month pillar, one possibility for the career professionals is to increase your value within the organization by offering to spearhead new projects designed to reach a new market.

Similarly for business owners, one way to use these stars is to engage in a small re-branding exercise designed to, yes, again, reach a new market segment.

Remember, the stars in the Snake for 2023 talks about stretching your influence. We can’t guarantee you will earn a lot of money in 2023, but… if you successfully tap into the Sky Horse energy, there is money to be made.


If your Snake is in your Day Pillar, your personal growth may have caused a cognitive dissonance with the people close to you. Could be your spouse, siblings, even parents maybe… close family members and friends. Suddenly, they don’t know how to deal with you anymore!

Most likely scenario? You had the Moon in 2022, and you had this great business idea! So in 2022, perhaps you started a side gig. And, I hope, it went well enough that you are now considering leaving your 9-to-5, to focus solely on this business. In many cases, especially in conservative Asian families, especially for women, this type of change may scare the living daylights out of your close family members.

Being aware of this can help you create strategies to educate them and maybe even bring them around to your point of view.


Apart from investments, the Hour Pillar also represents the value we create. Because it also represents our ideas and passions. With the Sky Horse here, it could mean that you may find yourself seeing opportunities for investment in other countries. Whether or not you are in position to take advantage of those opportunities will vary. Some of us can; some of us may not.

Another way to use these for the entrepreneur? Search for a different subset of the market that will find your new ideas appealing while maintaining the customer base for your regular products. Yes, this represents the opportunity to create a new stream of income. The only caution here – make sure your staff is ready to follow you. Otherwise, Broken Star and Separating Edge? Passive-aggressive resistance.


It’s been a long article, hasn’t it? If you’ve gotten this far, thank you!

A little about me. My name is Paulynne Cheng and I am a Bazi and Feng Shui practitioner with a bias for career and business development. Mind you, I’m not a business guru or some such. My role, is to interpret the energies of your Bazi Chart and the corresponding 2023 energies for you. To help you identify potential opportunities and possible threats, depending on your goal for 2023.

Should we meet for an onward conversation, my goal is to help you align your actions, not just to the effects of the stars, but also to the flow of energies in your unique Bazi Chart.

When we do that, you really go with the flow and things become easier because you are no longer fighting the energies, but using the energies.


Now, remember! The Annual Auxiliary Stars make up only about 20% of your Year. To understand and create strategies for a successful year ahead, hit me up for a personal consult. Let’s co-create your strategy together and make 2023 your best year yet!


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