It’s that time of year again, where we eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon. This year holds particular significance as it marks the official commencement of Period 9, symbolizing a fresh start and new opportunities. For those of you with the Dog in your Bazi Charts, a time of change dawns!


In retrospect, 2023 provided the Dog with numerous chances to accumulate resources – be it wealth, knowledge, skills, or connections. These were preparations for the transformative year ahead, 2024, known as the Year of Transformation.

However, there’s no need to dread this transformative period; think of it as the universe’s gentle nudge urging you to embark on the next phase of your life. It’s time for a change, an opportunity to revamp your life’s trajectory.

Different clashes yield different effects. In the case of the Dragon-Dog clash, it’s akin to two mountains colliding, resulting in an avalanche of challenges. Just like clearing away boulders, handling this clash involves strategic change management through smaller, impactful actions.

Can it be mitigated? Absolutely. While change is imminent, you still possess some control and support. The Dog represents the Metal Element, and the Dragon embodies the Wood Element, making it an outward clash. You can guide the direction of this change.


Support comes from the Heavenly Horse. This is a travelling wealth star. It requires movement. Ergo, travel! One way to create change is to explore new environments and experiences.

Furthermore, the Month Emptiness enhances intuition and mindfulness, making these changes less surprising. Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating or in denial, but the Year Breaker’s arrival underscores the necessity of change – it can no longer be postponed.


And of course, the Year Breaker always comes paired with the Great Consumer. The effect of the Great Consumer is pretty simple. Money going out. But please note. Money going out does not equal losing money! Can you use this money to buy something of value? Assets, knowledge, new experiences or mental wellness? Of course!

Even here you have support. The National Treasure, frequently seen as a career star, is actually an authority star. Specifically, an authority in money! In the ancient Chinese governments, this is the minister of the royal treasury. With this to support you in a year with the Great Consumer, this is the time to focus on better financial planning and control.


The biggest fly in the ointment is not really the Year Breaker. The bigger threat is the one that you cannot see. Obstacles! This represents a mental resistance to change. It can also mean that you are more easily influenced by negativity among your friends. Right here is a jaded mindset. Cynical, world-weary, learned helplessness.

This cynical mindset and internal resistance to change will create a domino effect involving the other emotional stars. The Leopard Tail is argumentative.

Unnecessary arguments lead to unnecessary setbacks and obstacles. The Month Sha is a neutral star. While it represents obstacles and setbacks, it also carries a message to take responsibility for your own life.

Otherwise, everything devolves into Sky Sadness.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. It can even start from the Heavenly Horse and escalate. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


The Year Pillar governs the external world. Our industry, social networks, professional networks, and our markets. If the Dog is found in your Year Pillar, your industry or social network is experiencing significant and ongoing change in 2024. The question is – are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution? Because the National Treasure says that the industry is looking for talent! So, if you are in the market for a career change, one of the easiest route is to use the head hunters.

Alternatively, seek out new networks! The Heavenly Horse brings variety and spice to your network. Literally, change your life by changing who you hang out with.


If the Dog governs your Month pillar, which is the pillar for your career and business endeavours, the presence of the Year Breaker is calling for a change in how you make money. It’s calling for a pivot.

For the career professionals, the National Treasure can bring promotion opportunities. Promotions are changes too, right? Does this clash mean that you should quit your job willy-nilly? With no backup plans? Please don’t do that.

When we are feeling unhappy and stuck, it’s very human to want the feeling to end. This is where reckless decisions are made. But the Dog Year Breaker is about change management. It doesn’t call for drastic actions.

For the business owners among us, this clash is a little easier to manage.

If you are a Wood Day Master, be on the look out for opportunities or problems caused by new needs or the existence of new platforms.

For the Fire Day Masters, the opportunities or problems may be brought about by changing consumer interests.

Earth Day Masters can seek for opportunities caused by faulty or lack of leadership.

For the Metal Day Masters, the pivot may involve changing technology, such as AI.

Finally, for the Water Day Masters, opportunities or problems may pop up due to changing external rules.


If the Dog is in your Day Pillar, 2024 is the perfect year to inject more excitement into your life (Heavenly Horse). Traditionally, the Day Pillar governs our spouse and personal relationships. But today, especially with Period 9, the Day Pillar also governs our personal wellbeing.

The Month Sha is very useful here. Thought a negative star, self-responsibility can turn this negativity into a positive force. This is you saying, “This is the year I take responsibility for the direction of my life. I am not waiting for anyone or anything else to come and rescue me. I will be the hero in my own life. I will take action and create my own happiness.”

Gaining control over your personal finances will also be important. Because in this pillar, the Leopard Tail can also warn of a higher need for financial resources among your family and household. Therefore, please keep aside funds for contingencies.

But on the positive side, with the Heavenly Horse, is this a great time to revive your personal relationships through shared experiences? Family holiday? Another honeymoon, maybe? After all, since there is a need to spend money on your family, why not go on a holiday?


Lastly, if the Dog is in your Hour pillar which governs your ideas, ambitions, aspirations, investments, staff and children, 2024 is a good year to consciously expose yourself to new ways of thinking.

Right here, because the Hour pillar governs our thinking patterns, mental wellness comes to the fore. With the support of the Month Emptiness, be very aware of your internal self-talk. If there is a need, please seek help.

Or perhaps, your investment strategy may be a little outdated? Why not acquire new knowledge in that direction?

Going back to the traditional interpretation of the Hour Pillar, children, this could pan out in two ways. Here, the Greater Consumer could mean that the outflow of money is caused by the need to support your children’s education.

Alternatively, the Year Breaker in the Hour Pillar could be a hint that it is time to change how you communicate with your children.

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