If you have the Snake zodiac in your Bazi Chart, come 2024, the most powerful nobleman star is coming to you. The question is, what are we going to do with it?

2024 Snake Zodiac


Let’s start with a quick recap of 2023 where the Snake was encouraged to explore new directions.

In 2024, at pride of place, of course is the Great Sun! In Feng Shui, we do the Great Sun activation every year for our house. It protects the home from any accidental triggers. In Bazi, this Great Sun represents the ultimate nobleman luck.

Now before we start looking left, right and centre for our nobleman, let’s take this one step further and put ourselves in the position of the noble person. Receiving noble help is a blessing, right? Being in the position to be the noble person is double the blessing.

Like the Sun that gives warmth and light without reservation, with zero scarcity thinking, with no expectations. When you do that, it leads on to better things ahead.


This Nobleman star of yours is being supported by the Intelligence star. With this, we can do three things – we can, of course, learn something new, increase our value, upskill… or, we can teach what we know. Like the Sun, we share what we know.

When you do that, the Bright Hall kicks in. This is a fame star. People begin to notice you. You shine brighter. You become the go-to person for advice.

In conclusion, with Great Sun, Intelligence star and Bright Hall coming for you, it’s time to stop hiding your light under a bushel.


When people start noticing you, the invitations start pouring in. That’s the Sky Happiness and Heavenly Chef. They are networking stars. They both mean good food and drinks to be had. Happy events in the offing – parties, shared meals, etc. All the fun stuff!


Which then leads us to the Five Prosperity. This is typically described as the opportunity to gain multiple income sources. Which means that, there is a chance to explore. You are being given options. Options are great! The worst possible thing to happen is when one is left with no choice.

And this Five Prosperity can easily carry you into 2025 when YOU will be the Grand Duke.


In this particular scenario for the Snake, the Robbery Sha can carry several different impacts. One possibility is the most realistic – I lose money because of friends. Of course! If you are invited to a wedding, guess what, money goes out in the form of red packets or gifts. Even if you eschew all wedding invitations, networking still cost money.

Second possibility, you may talk too much while bathing in the limelight of flattery and adoration. So, be smart about sharing your ideas.

The third possibility may come from scarcity thinking. You reject all invitations because you think people are going to steal your ideas. Ergo, you automatically classify networking as a complete waste of time. While we do not have to accept every invitation that comes our way, certain networking opportunities can be valuable to create new growth avenues.


At this point, the Sky Emptiness starts taking over. This influence of the Sky Emptiness creates unreasonably high expectations. Big talk. Big talk from either you or other people. At its most dangerous, it can cause a loss of credibility because you over-promised and under-delivered. Or it may cause you to feel that networking is a waste of time because everyone is just talking big, but delivering nothing.

Here’s the trick with a nobleman star. It’s nothing new. I’ve shared this plenty of times. When you are looking for a nobleman, the first thing you need to have is the criteria for said nobleman. You can’t just randomly go out to networking events and just see where it will lead you. Inevitably, this leads to disappointment.

When it comes to nobleman luck, you must be very clear about what you need. Someone with contacts? Knowledge? Skillset? That criteria must be in your head first, so that you don’t waste time.


Should the Robbery Sha and Sky Emptiness take over, the Solitary star comes along. “I do my own thing. I don’t need nobody. Don’t invite me. I don’t do weddings.”

And then we end up with the Bad Qi – feeling sluggish, lame, stagnant.

If you go this route, the Grand Duke year in 2025 will be unnecessarily hard.

When you look at this permutation as a whole, the conclusion for the Snake is very simple. 2024 is the year you improve on your influencing abilities. Your communication skills. Your ability to persuade, convince and convert.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


With the Snake in the Year, is literally like being an influencer. Of course, the first advice is to network. Because the Year pillar governs your social and professional circles. It also governs your market and industry. Invest the time, build the relationships, start connecting with other people.

What else? Can you get famous this year. How? Get active on social media. Be proactive about attracting more followers. How? By sharing information – you be the nobleman first. You give value first.

Of course, you could be thinking, I don’t know anything. Trust me, you know something.


For the Snake in the Month, time management is the key. Here, the impact of the Sky Emptiness might be felt. When people trust your reputation, you get more projects. Be picky about what you say yes to. Be strategic about it. Do not over-promise and under-deliver.

How else can use these stars in the Month pillar? Create a happy environment at work! People are more productive when they are happy. Create a warm and vibrant environment where everyone is celebrated for their contributions. It’s ridiculous how many bosses forget to do that.

Still using the Great Sun – make a promise to yourself now – where possible, every person that leaves your orbit feels a little bit happier, lighter, and more hopeful. Not everyone has this ability to make people feel good about themselves. But it’s a skill that can be developed. Being easy to work with is a highly under-rated skill.


For the Snake in the Day, the stars that may have a bigger impact are the Sky Happiness and Robbery Sha.

Sky Happiness means happy events. In the olden days, it means happy life events such as weddings, having babies, those type of stuff. That applies to you too. Maybe you have something joyful to celebrate in your personal life!

If you are getting married or having babies, guess what – money goes out. Cue, the Robbery Sha.

But maybe you are single. Could this be the year you rebuild your relationship with your family and friends? But here’s the thing with the Robbery Sha in the day – the risk of retail therapy is also quite high. Don’t spend money just to prove a point. If you’re gonna spend money, spend it to upskill and improve yourself.

Is there relationship luck in this case? Yes! Because you are noticeable. So maybe money spent on packaging yourself?


With the Snake in your Investment Pillar (your Hour Pillar), explore and seek out diverse investment options. Be very careful here. I’m going to get very specific. The Robbery Sha can mean investment scam. OK to explore, learn, test the waters, find out what’s out there, but do not go all in.

Of course, from a personal development point of view, you can also invest into learning a new skill. Because the Intelligence star enhances your ability to absorb complex information.

Because the Hour Pillar is also your children’s pillar – you could focus on using shared experiences to build an enriching relationship with your kids.

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