The selfless magnanimity of the Bing Fire coupled with the steadfast abundance of Wu Earth, the Bing Xu (丙戌) is all about the gift of generosity.

For those of us who have been privileged to visit the Alps, there is a unique sunset phenomenon called Alpenglow. The sun is nowhere on the horizon, yet the white-capped mountains are illuminated with a rosy tinge. It’s a picture that is evocative, mystical, and yes, romantic. This phenomenon, the Alpenglow, is the very picture presented by the Bing Xu pillar.

Maximizing The Bing Xu (丙戌): The Gift of Generosity

The Bing Fire Day Master is often described as someone persistently magnanimous, giving, selfless and generous. Toiling for the greater good at the heart of their community is where the Bing Xu will truly excel.

Seated on its own Eating God, this Bing Fire’s natural giving nature is augmented by a strong sense of child-like idealism and creativity. At the same time, this Bing Fire holds the toughness of a strong taskmaster with the ability to execute with precision, and the diplomatic yet caring leadership to inspire others to push through the rough patches. In short, the Bing Xu is a Day Master with a lot to give.

If there was one weakness of the Bing Xu pillar, it is a particular resistance to change. Anchored by the Wu Earth, failure is not an option for this persistent and routine-loving Bing Fire. The innate positivity of the Bing Fire allows the Bing Xu to recover quickly from any setback. And like the sun rising on the horizon every day, the routine-loving Bing will be back to tackle the obstacles again and again and again.

For this reason, Bing Fire individuals are always advised to regularly review their plans to make sure that the battles they are fighting are still relevant to their goals. In other words, don’t fight just for the sake of fighting.

In a world that is often dominated by the poverty mindset, the Bing Xu is naturally clued in on the benefits of generosity. Social scientists have long found that people who generously give their time, money and abilities are healthier, happier and more confident that those who do not. Being generous is a gift that keeps on giving, benefitting not just the receiver but also the giver. It prevents depression, makes you more socially networked and physically active. And there is strong neurological science behind that discovery. Acting generously causes neurochemical changes in the brain that brings out the pleasure response and create an upward spiral for the giver.

Where is the Bing Xu (丙戌)
Generosity At Play: Bing Xu (丙戌) In the Year Pillar

Like how humans have been drawn to the mountains over the aeons, the Bing Xu draws people into their sphere of influence by sheer magnetism and force of personality. Outgoing and friendly, deeply compassionate and highly sensitive to nuances, the Bing Xu must learn to stay grounded in the face of peer pressure and learn to balance their powerful emotions.

A warm-hearted and loyal friend, the Bing Xu is the rock that people will lean on in times of trouble and don’t be surprised to find yourself as the confidant for many.

Giving is a surefire way to get you out of your own doldrums. By getting out of your own head and shifting the focus on others, you step away from your own issues and learn to view it from a different perspective.

Generosity At Work: Bing Xu (丙戌) In the Month Pillar

Bing Xu in the Month Pillar sees a perfectionist who is compelled to achieve greatness through optimism and ambition. This multi-talented pillar needs to be challenged in order to truly flourish. These challenges are necessary to bring out the resourcefulness of the Wu Earth, the strategic precision of the Xin Metal and the illuminating leadership of the Ding Fire.

Here in the Month Pillar, the Bing Xu’s natural resistance to change can be effectively countered by its own generosity. Generous behaviour often requires moving beyond our comfort zone and developing new skills. This will allow you to see yourself as an agent of change, as opposed to being a recipient of change. This important yet imperceptible shift of perspective is particularly valuable for the Bing Xu individual who is driven by the need for security.

5 Basic Steps To An Abundant Mindset: Bing Xu (丙戌) In the Hour Pillar

For all the Bing Xu’s ambition and drive, this pillar has a sensitive and dreamy quality to it, much like the dream-like picture of the Alpenglow. It craves security and dislikes the harshness of the world. The Bing Xu in the Hour Pillar denotes a rich fantasy life powered by a strong imagination.

With the Bing Xu in your Hour Pillar, cultivating an abundant mindset comes naturally. Here are five basic steps that are aligned to the characteristics of the pillar:

  1. Acknowledge the power of your thoughts – take time to notice the type of thoughts circulating in your head. Are they positive? Or are they telling you that you cannot? By creating awareness around the buzz in your head, you can begin to make conscious effort to shift the tone of that inner voice.
  2. Gratitude – this simple trick of keeping a daily gratitude journal has been circulating for quite a while. It’s a powerful and widely recognized tool to create abundance and happiness. To quote Oprah Winfrey, “If you look at what you have in life, you will always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you will never have enough.”
  3. Believe that there are no limits – this step requires taking a few minutes each day for quiet and peacefulness. The intention is to clear your mind and allow for new abundant possibilities. The goal is to foster an expanded awareness instead of constantly focusing on just one particular thing.
  4. Sharing your purpose and passions – learning to share your gifts and provide value by serving those who would benefit most has a great side-effect. It helps you create an abundant personal brand.
  5. Notice the good – this step aims to take us away from our basic human instinct to notice the bad. We are all wired to see problems quicker than we can see possibilities. It’s just the way of evolution. In Step 5, instead of focusing on the problem and trying to fix it, focus instead on what is actually going right as it relates to the topic and find a way to support that even further.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Photo by Timo Wagner on Unsplash