In the Bazi calendar cycle, the Chou (丑) month always represents the end of winter. The ice is melting but it is still cold, and dark. Sloshing about in that murky darkness can be pretty tiring. But what if there were to be a bonfire glowing in the horizon? Would you not walk towards it? That’s the picture the Ding Chou (丁丑) or Fire Ox represents – a veritable beacon of hope.


Like the welcoming bonfire, the Ding Chou (丁丑) or Fire Ox Day Master is always kind and considerate to everyone. This pillar, when awakened, can become a veritable trail blazer. Especially when you are fired up by your own strong convictions to make the world a better place.


  1. The energy flow of this pillar begins with the Ding Fire (丁) Day Master itself. Here is the true original thinker. Lacking any form of resource within the pillar itself, this Ding Fire (丁) Day Master must rely on either your own ability to re-ignite or find resource from the other pillars in your chart. Because of that, the Ding Chou (丁丑) Day Master is an insatiably curious creature. You enjoy expanding your mind. You will literally consume and internalize information in any form.
  2. However, internalizing information is one thing. When your Ji Earth (己) Output Star kicks into gear, you will be able to re-brand that knowledge with your own unique stamp. That is how you offer enlightenment to those around you. What’s special about this particular combination is that your way of encouraging change and offering enlightenment is done in a very refined and gentle manner. The Ding Chou (丁丑) is always very sensitive to the feelings of others. You inherently understand that change that is forced on people is only temporary. Change that is created through acceptance is permanent. This is perhaps, your biggest strength.
  3. Your visionary Xin Metal (辛) Wealth Star lends lustre to your ability to inspire hope – by bringing depth and clarity to your vision. This star represents your talent to lead by vision. Not only are you able to ignite hope, but you also effect change by showing people the possibilities of what is truly possible.
  4. All that inspirational hope-giving will be just hot air if there are no subsequent actions taken. This is where your Gui Water (癸) Killings Star comes in to play. Problems will always crop up on the road to change. This Gui Water (癸) Killings Star helps you persevere through the problems by seeing them as challenges into of obstacles.


However, there is a dichotomy inherent in the Ding Chou (丁丑) or Fire Ox that you must be aware of. The Ding Chou is always caught between your own powerful talents and your own sensitivity towards the feelings of others.  As long as the chasm between these two traits are not bridged, the Ding Chou is likely to lack the high rate of ambition and drive exhibited by the other Ding pillars.

Therefore, the key to success for the Ding Chou is to maintain a positive and singular focus. This is the very persistence and tenacity you need to embody the real beacon of hope for those around you. Your success is one that is created through a slow build. Your success will not be a flash-in-the-pan.


Friendly and affectionate, the Ding Chou accepts one and all without prejudice. People are drawn to you by the compassion that radiates out of this pillar. On a side note, they also love your off-beat ideas!

There is a need to learn how to discern and filter out those who truly need help or are just there to take advantage of your compassion. The Ding Chou is very much affected by the company you keep and your environment. Make a conscious effort to place yourself in a supportive and encouraging environment. This is where the Ding Chou shines the brightest. Avoid, at all costs, toxic and negative environments. Negativity affects all of us in various degrees. But the sensitivity of the Ding Chou means that prolonged exposure to toxic environments will leave you discouraged and fearful.


The Ding Chou pillar is deeply imaginative. Making a conscious effort to stay ahead of progressive trends is the best way to help this pillar shine. Go in-depth into emerging new trends, research, follow up on the work of thought leaders, and as you do so, you will find that you have what it takes to become a trail blazer in your own right.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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