Imagine lighting a candle under the brightness of the noon day sun. The flame is still there. Bright as ever. But it’s not as obvious as it would be if the candle was lit in the dark of night. That is how the Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake presents – as a candle in the daylight. This may be considered as the dimmest of the Ding Fire (丁) Day Masters, but you can’t beat it when it comes to sheer resolve and self-sufficiency.

Place this candle at the forefront of your army, give them a challenge worth their talents, and brace yourself for fireworks! The Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake Day Master will stun you with an amazing display of talents – among them, inspiring leadership skills.


The Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake carries both the Fire energies of the Ding (丁) and Bing (丙). This is a pillar of extreme brightness and light. The only other Jia Zi that can even come close to such brilliance would be the Bing Wu (丙午) or Fire Horse.

Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake Day Masters are usually born with physical beauty. It’s easy to spot them if you are tuned to such energies. There’s a particular ‘lightness’ about them that absolutely cannot be faked.


  1. This Ding Fire (丁) Day Master is at its most prosperous in the Si or Snake Branch (巳). Naturally progressive, this Ding Fire that is known as the Leadership star. It carries with it the power of change and transformation. At the peak of its power, the Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake Day Master will never be content with the here and now. You will always be pushing the boundaries of your world. Be it your career, business, personal development, spirituality, or even physical boundaries, you are never happier than when you are challenging the norm and expanding your horizons.
  2. Your Bing Fire (丙) Companion star forms the main Qi of the Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake pillar. This Companion star injects a hefty dose of self-confidence into you, the Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake Day Master. Guided by this star, you will always be attracted to new ventures and new projects. Also because of this star, you will always feel driven to challenge yourself.
  3. Both the Ding Fire Day Master and Bing Fire Companion star produces your Wu Earth (戊) Output star. This resourceful star is highly independent. Imagined as a towering mountain, the support of this Wu Earth Output Star infuses you with an iron will, as well as the ability to appreciate and embrace your unique identity. It makes you more headstrong and contrarian than some of your other Ding Fire counterparts.
  4. Finally, the Wu Earth (戊) Output Star produces your Geng Metal (庚) Wealth element. The Geng Metal is often depicted as a sword or an axe. Wielding this star gives you amazing executional powers. It adds yet another layer of toughness and stamina to the Ding Si Day Master. Every time you succeed at powering through obstacles and resolving difficult problems, that satisfaction you feel is your Geng Metal Wealth Star literally purring with fulfilment.

In a nutshell, when we put the three stars together in a neat little Si (巳) package, you the Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake Day Master, is blessed with the gifts of acumen, foresight and execution abilities.


When the two stars (Ding and Bing) are seen in unison, you are literally the guiding light that shapes and transforms the world around you. If you are a team leader, think of the Bing Fire as the light that guides the team to their destination and the Ding Fire as the gentle flame that moulds your team members to become better versions of themselves.

Because these two Fire elements are together, the Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake Day Master will always present as someone who is extremely self-confident and always in control.


The Ding Si (丁巳) sits on a Travelling Star. This is a go-getter. Trouble comes when the Ding Si starts feeling bored or worse, unchallenged. Your self-confidence dims, and the flame of passion within you may start to flicker out. The fire burns dimmer and dimmer, and your moodiness starts to manifest itself.

Another vulnerability that you need to be aware of is the Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake’s insatiable appetite for life. How is that a vulnerability? Having a variety of interests is, of course, great! You will never be bored because there is always something to do. But when you have too many on your plate and attempt too much, your success rate may drop due to a lack of focus.  


Let’s refer to my earlier depiction of the Ding Si (丁巳) or Fire Snake pillar as a candle in bright daylight. The crux of this pillar’s characteristics lies in a fact that may be hidden even to you, the Ding Si Day Master. All that competitiveness, all that compulsion to prove yourself, is driven by the one key point – you think that nobody can see your candle.

However, in actuality, the Ding Si pillar as a whole, shines so bright that nobody can fail but to notice you!

So go ahead and push those boundaries! Take on those new challenges! Be fearless in the face of new opportunities! But take them on because you have faith in your own abilities, not out of a need to prove yourself to others. Because at the end of the day, this Ding Si (丁巳) pillar has so much to offer, that there is no need to prove nothing to nobody!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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