In the study of the 60 pillars, there are four super powerful pillars known as Fui Kong/Hui Gang 魁罡. The raw power of the Geng Chen (庚辰) numbers as one of them.

First, a paragraph on the concept of Fui Kong. Sometimes translated as ‘Bright Star’, these four pillars are viewed the General Pillars. These pillars are infused with nobility. They represent toughness, hardiness, and a huge capacity.


Of all the Geng pillars, the Geng Chen (庚辰)  is the only one that emits Noble Qi. Think of the durability and toughness of an iron shield. This is an individual who is both an original thinker as well as an action-taker.

Seated on your Resource, Output and Wealth, the Geng Chen (庚辰)  or Metal Dragon Day Master is typically intelligent, knowledgeable and frequently financially successful.

A driven survivor, the Geng Chen (庚辰)  at a healthy level, will have unshakeable faith in your own abilities, unwavering in pursuit of your goals, and confident in your ability to turn challenges into opportunities.


Geng Chen Metal Dragon
  1. The Qi flow for the Geng Chen (庚辰) begins with your Wu Earth (戊) Resource Star. Apart from bringing stability to the Geng Chen pillar, the Wu Earth Resource Star is also the foundation of your ability to literally absorb information.
  2. Your Wu Earth (戊) Resource Star continuously produces your Geng Metal (庚) Day Master. Of the 10 Day Masters, the Geng Metal is known to be a pro-active action taker. The production relationship between the Wu Earth and your Geng Metal, very simply, reflects a person who is able to turn knowledge into action.
  3. As you take action, your Geng Metal (庚) Day Master will attract more opportunities by way of your Gui Water (癸) Output star. This star gives the Geng Chen Day Master a degree of much-needed flexibility. It cloaks you with the mettle to challenge the status quo and is largely responsible for your ‘fall-forward’ philosophy.
  4. Finally, the energy of the Geng Chen pillar ends with your Yi Wood (乙) Wealth star. This star brings with it the ability to plan and manage resource. It other words, this Geng Metal Day Master is no longer working blindly. Instead, you frequently work towards a plan.

Let’s summarize. When we put all the elements together, we have a Geng Chen Day Master who is resourceful, action-oriented, yet capable of flexible planning.


The strengths of the Geng Chen (庚辰) Day Master can also become your vulnerabilities. So awesome are your capacities that very often, the Geng Chen feels compelled to create success on your own terms. While this is a great trait to have, I want you to be aware of just one thing: your insistence on doing things your own way may lead to a number of uphill battles in your journey through life.

That’s it! Is it really a vulnerability? Not really. Just being aware of this tendency would be enough. The question to frequently check-in with yourself would be: am I making things unnecessarily harder for myself?


Aggressive. The Geng Chen (庚辰) Day Master typically will have the reputation of one with a strong spirit of competition. However, this does not mean that the Geng Chen would automatically reject teamwork. On the contrary, you are actually OK with either working solo or in a group. Of course, you would prefer to be the one in the driving seat!

But get past the competitive and rather domineering front, and many people will delight in a barely-hidden trait of the Geng Chen. Like the shield that represents you, the Geng Chen is extremely protective of those they care about and the less fortunate members of society.


Since your Wu Earth (戊) Resource Star is foundation of the Geng Chen, then the task of becoming Geng Chen, But Better is simply to strengthen that base. Therefore, an easy suggestion would be to ensure that you continuously build up a storehouse of wide-ranging knowledge. Get curious and stay curious! Learn a little about everything. Learn enough for you to start taking action. Because at the end of the day, that’s what all Geng Metal Day Masters are built for!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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