For the Geng Metal Day Master, how about kicking off 2023 with a spot of brainstorming in January?

Brainstorming is a process of generating ideas and solutions through discussion and collaboration. It can be an effective way to come up with new and innovative ideas, and can be helpful in a variety of settings, including work, school, and personal projects. Here are a few tips for brainstorming effectively:

  1. Set a clear goal: Before you start brainstorming, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind. This could be a specific problem you’re trying to solve, a question you’re trying to answer, or a creative challenge you’re trying to meet. By setting a clear goal, you can help focus your brainstorming efforts and increase the chances of coming up with useful ideas.
  2. Invite diverse perspectives: Brainstorming is often more effective when it involves a diverse group of people. This could mean bringing together people with different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise. By inviting diverse perspectives, you can increase the chances of coming up with a wider range of ideas.
  3. Encourage wild ideas: Brainstorming is often most effective when it involves a free flow of ideas, without too much critical thinking or evaluation. Encourage participants to share their wildest, most creative ideas, even if they seem impractical or unrealistic. This can help generate a larger pool of ideas to work with, and can sometimes lead to more practical and innovative solutions.


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