What would you do if you held a legendary sword in your hands? How would you use it? How will you wield that gift of execution? Because with a Geng Wu (庚午) in your Bazi Chart, that is exactly the gift you have been born with.

I guess it would be normal to compare this pillar to the Excalibur. But for a self-professed fan of Arthurian legends, technically, that doesn’t sit well somehow. In legends, Excalibur was either yanked from a rock by Arthur, or given to him by the Lady of the Lake. So perhaps a better example would be Sting, the elven blade wielded by Frodo in the Lord of the Rings? At least it glows, right?

But I digress…


Seen as metal forged by fire, the Geng Wu is often pictured as a sharp and shiny sword, gleaming with latent power and potency. With this image comes four key descriptions for the Geng Wu pillar – Authority, Execution, Loyalty and the gift of Foresight. No bones about it, this is one tough pillar!

What’s so special? Read on!


The Geng Metal itself is the toughest of all the Yang Stems. This stem is all about action. Being idle never sits well with the Geng Metal. When the Geng Day Master (yup, you!) is motivated, nothing can stand in its way. If we think of this Geng Metal as a sword, challenges (represented by Fire) will make you stronger, it can cleave mountains (Earth), magnetize opportunities (Water), and make short work of, well… work! (Wood).

The hidden elements that lie beneath this Day Master, adds even more strength to the pillar. Here’s how:

  1. This Geng Metal Day Master is constantly being produced and supported by its Ji Earth (己) Direct Resource star. The Ji Earth is absorbent by nature. Therefore, because of this star, the Geng Wu sometimes give off the impression of someone who just naturally masters new skills without requiring any form of formal training. There is an acute intelligence at play here, people! The Geng Wu has no need to slog with hours of study. Instead, they learn just by focusing on and exposing themselves to the skills that they want to pick up.
  2. This Geng Metal Day Master sits on a Ding Fire (丁) Direct Officer star that simultaneously controls the Geng Metal and produces its Direct Resource (Ji Earth (己), see point 1 above). This relationship represents the self-discipline inherent within the Geng Wu. This Ding Fire Direct Officer makes you, the Geng Wu Day Master, a deeply loyal and righteous person. There is a strong value system at play here. What’s more? The Geng Wu has the unique ability to keep your ego at bay. Decisions are always made based on what’s right instead of what’s expedient or appealing to your self-image. This trait is best appreciated by those who truly understand the altruistic nature of your decisions. When that happens, loyalty begets loyalty in return.


As you can see from the strengths, the Geng Wu can be a rather intense pillar. But for all their gifts, every pillar will have its own weaknesses. In the case of the Geng Wu, perfectionism might be a problem.

Of course, perfectionism itself is a good trait to have. After all, better to strive towards perfectionism than to fall into a slip-shod way of doing things! Isn’t that right, Geng Wu? But not when this drive for perfection leads to procrastination. Some perfectionists have this tendency. If they can’t make it perfect, they will delay. So just watch out for that trait and if you catch yourself procrastinating, ask yourself why?

This perfectionist-streak can also cause you, the Geng Wu Day Mater, to become a hard task-master both to yourself and to others. It’s almost like there is this grand vision of the future that continually drives you on, to the point that you have forgotten the importance of celebrating the small victories and triumphs that come every day. Nothing is good enough because nothing can measure up to that grand vision in your head. Imagine working for a Geng Wu boss or working with a Geng Wu business partner! You bring in sales to the tune of a million, and he/she asks why isn’t it two million?

So, what to do? I’m not asking you to tone down that perfectionist streak. Simply, make an effort to celebrate the small gains. You will find that sincere praise from a hard-to-please boss does wonders for team morale. It’s not that hard to do. Try it! You’d be surprised.


Intelligent, disciplined and a perfectionist. If I were to use one word to describe how you, the Geng Wu Day Master presents externally, it would be this: Intimidating!

But stop right there if you are thinking that you need to dumb yourself down to be more likable. Instead, turn intimidation into admiration by consciously showcasing the altruistic side of your actions, that bright loyalty that inspires and motivates others, and the generosity of your knowledge.


For this final segment, let’s have another look at this sharp and newly-forged sword that is the Geng Wu. Produced by its Direct Resource and tempered by its Direct Officer, this sword needs something to do! It needs something to chop. From a Bazi point of view, the Geng Metal’s wealth element is represented by Wood.

Regardless if Wood is present or not in your Bazi Chart, you can consciously ‘activate’ wood by learning to plan, strategize, create a road-map and timelines to achieve your goals. That grand vision of what-can-be is already in your head. You just need a plan to get there.

This plan will help you overcome the inclination towards procrastination. And oh! Don’t forget to communicate that plan to your team!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

Want to find out if you have the Geng Wu pillar somewhere in your chart? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.


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