The Gui Wei (癸未) or Water Goat is often described as water in its vapor form – formless, shapeless, and colourless. This scenario depicts a person who is constantly on the move in search of new opportunities.


Two impatient water pillars back to back is testing my writing skills to the limit. Once again, just like the previous post with the Ren Wu (壬午), we again have Water at the top, and fire at the bottom. Fortunately, (for me that is), there are other hidden stems in the equation that distinguishes the Gui Wei from the Ren Wu.

Think of a hot spring wreathed in mists, bubbling over with emotions. The Gui Wei sits on a hidden Eating God producing Wealth formation, creating an individual who is idealistic, opportunistic and adventurous. This is a pillar that combines deep imagination with pragmatic practicality.


Gui Wei Day Master

Like all Gui Water Day Masters, the Gui Wei will tend to be more spiritually aware and deeply sensitive of your environment. In the case of this pillar, however, we see your [1] Gui Day Master, producing your [2] Yi Wood (乙) Output star , which then produces your [3] Ding Fire (丁) Wealth star, and culminating with your [4] Ji Earth (己) Killing star.

This delicate balance of the elements within the Gui Wei pillar itself, suggests that the [1] Gui Wei Day Master would likely be less flighty than your other Gui counterparts. This would be someone with the ability to exercise self-control and who is able to create and sustain a workable system for you to thrive.

The gift of artistry infused within the Gui Wei Day Master lies in your hidden [2] Yi Wood (乙) Output star. Here are the roots of your inventiveness and fluid creativity.

This deep imagination is ably harnessed by your [3] Ding Fire (丁) Wealth star. This is the ability that helps you turn grand ideas into practical visions.

Finally, your [4] Ji Earth (己) Killings Star imbues the Gui Wei with a strong dose of common sense. This is the star that helps you keep things real. It keeps you grounded, more down to earth, pragmatic and realistic.


The Gui water, in itself, is formless. This pillar has a strong chameleon-like ability to change its outer shape to suit whatever environment it finds itself in. However, in whatever shape it happens to take, there is one outstanding quality of the Gui Wei that will be apparent to all – its genuine kindness.

You will be the first to offer your help to all and sundry, regardless if that help is even requested. Unfortunately, not everyone will be appreciative of these acts of kindness and may even misinterpret the intention behind the acts. So best to be selective about whom you offer your generous aid. Otherwise, you run the risk of being labelled as a bit of a busybody!


The biggest vulnerability of the Gui Wei (癸未) or Water Goat Day Master is the pull between two polarities. On the one hand, you crave stability. Yet on the other, deep down inside, there is a hard to quell restlessness that pushes you to constantly be on the search for new experiences and opportunities.

You may have felt it all your life – that voice in the corners of your consciousness, insisting, clamouring, demanding that “There must be more than this.”

The problem may be, you have no clue what ‘this’ is. So you try to fill that void with the impermanent things of this world, seeking distraction, instant gratification, some days eager to change, other days succumbing to temporary shortcuts to fulfilment, caught in a web of restlessness that leaves you feeling stuck, jittery, impatient, frustrated and going through the motions while chasing an elusive sense of purpose.

There really is no ‘cure’ for this void. Awareness of this tendency and a willingness to take action when required is the key. Of course, if you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions, please do seek the help of a mental-health professional. Otherwise, let’s talk about learning to channel your passions into something that is useful and beneficial.


But this restlessness can be a gift when it is no longer viewed as a chasm to be filled. Instead, it is an open invitation for you to dive inwards and tap into the Gui Wei’s remarkable self-confidence, creativity and analytical skills. To recognize that there will always be a push-pull between the need for stability versus the hankering for freedom. And most importantly, to realize that the equilibrium between the two needs can only be decided by you, the Day Master.

The Eating God is the key to making the Gui Wei pillar work as it simultaneously produces the Indirect Wealth and controls the aggressiveness of the Seven Killings. This Eating God can be accessed through a life crammed full of purpose. Here’s the crux of the matter: people frequently think that they should only have one life purpose. But in actuality, as we journey through life, our purpose can change many times over. The ultimate aim is to cultivate a sense of detachment from the ever-present emotions so that the more practical and insightful aspects of this pillar can manifest.

Additionally, learning some meditation techniques can help you calm that raging mind and sift through the multiple thoughts and ideas that are happening consecutively in your brain. I don’t mean to meditate for hours on end! There are quick 2-minute meditation exercises that will be useful when you feel your mind going into hyper-drive.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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