We’ve all heard about the Giant Sequoia, haven’t we? It is also known as the Giant Redwood tree. It grows up to a height of 85m (or more), and a girth of 8m. That’s huge! It’s a great depiction of the Jia Yin (甲寅) or better known as the Wood Tiger Pillar.


Look at the picture and I’m sure you can easily discern the key characteristics of the Jia Yin (甲寅) or Wood Tiger Day Master. If you are thinking grounded, steady, loyal, straightforward, and reliable, you are hitting the nail right on the head!

This giant tree, the toughest and hardiest of all the Jia Wood (甲) Day Masters, is straight as an arrow, bearing with it – the gift of honesty.


  1. I believe I may have said this in my earlier posts – but it bears saying again – the quality of any Wood Day Master relies heavily on its rooting. In this Jia Yin (甲寅) or Wood Tiger pillar, we see a perfectly rooted Day Master, like the tree sinking its roots deep into the ground.

This relationship carries an aura of stately regality and honour. It also brings confidence and strong willpower to you, the Jia Yin (甲寅) or Wood Tiger Day Master. You are obviously no pushover (in fact, good luck shifting that tree). At the core of this confidence and willpower, lies a competitive vein that will push you to extraordinary measures in your pursuit of success. Words like ‘failure’ or ‘losing’ are anathema to you.

2. Your Bing Fire (丙) Output Star plays an important role within this pillar. The warmth of this element creates passion and also helps bridle some of the Jia Yin (甲寅)’s overbearing tendencies. Additionally, it brings a shine to your innate kindness and benevolence.  

3. Your Jia Wood (甲) Companion Star and Bing Fire (丙) Output element co-produces each other to create the final element within this pillar – your Wu Earth (戊) Wealth Star. Think of this relationship as you, the Jia Yin Day Master, having a firm grip on your wealth. It adds pragmatism, industriousness, and tenacity to your burgeoning list of strengths.

Given its lofty heights, it comes as no surprise that the Jia Yin (甲寅) or Wood Tiger Day Master excels at big-picture strategizing. With this pillar’s bristling potential, a Jia Yin Day Master, logically, is someone who will need room to grow. To reach its full height, this Jia Yin Day Master must have the freedom to do what a Jia Wood does best – to take a single idea and branch it out into various applications. Bowing down to authority will not only be painful for this gargantuan tree, it may even break its spirit. That is why it makes better sense for a Jia Yin Day Master to be running their own business where they get to call the shots as opposed to knuckling down under another person’s authority.

However, what is most remarkable about the Jia Yin (甲寅) or Wood Tiger Day Master, is the palpable absence of ego. While you can be controlling and domineering, a Jia Yin Day Master is hardly one who will push yourself forward just for the sake of the limelight or attention. As a leader, you would be someone who would willingly take a step back and allow others a turn at the reins.


That competitive streak, one of your biggest strengths, can also be a vulnerability. When taken to the extreme, fear of failure can paralyze you. Granted, nobody enjoys failing. In fact, most of us are affected by this fear in one way or another. It’s part of human nature, after all. But when the fear of failure eclipses your drive to succeed, that is when remedial action is called for.

At this juncture, when fear of failure is holding you back, it is time for some introspection to figure out where this fear is coming from and take a moment to reframe your beliefs.

Another vulnerability of the Jia Yin (甲寅) or Wood Tiger is your hardiness. Yes, I agree. Being tough is a strength. But when the winds of change blow, and you are too unyielding or too unbending, this tree could literally break.


The Jia Yin (甲寅) or Wood Tiger will always present a serene and level-headed face to the world at large. So don’t be surprised if everyone runs to you when there seems to be trouble afoot! Think of how the woodland creatures run into the protection of the benevolent tree when a storm is brewing. That’s how it’s gonna be for you!


Any suggestion to improve on the Jia Yin (甲寅) or Wood Tiger pillar will revolve around ensuring that this tree doesn’t get uprooted. It’s about learning to bend a little and adopt a willingness to understand the perspectives of others.

The Jia Yin (甲寅) or Wood Tiger has a ‘hidden pull’ relationship with the Hai (亥) branch which carries your Ren Water (壬) Resource star. What this means is that help is always near at hand whenever you need it. All you have to do, is learn a little give-and-take.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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