Combining two (and only two) networking stars together into a single pillar – the precision of the Xin Metal together with the networking skills of the Yi Wood – Xin Mao (辛卯) is undoubtedly the gift of leverage.


In the ancient texts, the Xin Mao pillar is often depicted as a priceless antique, fragile but burnished to high perfection. This translates into an individual who holds high principles in life. In other words, the Xin Mao Day Master, literally, aspires to perfection.


Xin Mao Bazi
  1. Let’s start with this Xin Metal Day Master. Shiny, glittery, sharp and polished, you are a natural over-achiever who is endowed with a strong will. You understand that, in order to achieve, you must persevere.
  2. While all Xin Metal understands the power of leverage, this gift is particularly distilled within the Xin Mao pillar. The reason is because, this Xin Day Master sits on the singular energy of the master connector, the Yi Wood. Combined, the Xin Metal’s natural ability to shine and the Yi Wood’s social skills, allow you to move easily among a broad spectrum of social groups.

Additionally, this Yi Wood energy is also your Indirect Wealth energy – representing your strong entrepreneurial instincts. This is your ability to create opportunities through an instinctive understanding of the wants and needs of others. A rather descriptive way to elaborate on this point would be to refer to our first example of the antique. The owner may not need it, but the owner certainly wants it for the prestige it brings. This is how the Xin Mao uses its gift of leverage.


What we have here again, is a straight-forward Metal-Wood clash. But unlike the previous Geng Yin pillar, this is a less ‘noisy’ clash. Instead, this clash typically manifests as emotional vulnerability. Just look at the picture this pillar presents – sharp metal on the outside, soft wood on the inside.

This emotional vulnerability is the biggest chink in your armor. Because of this feeling of defencelessness, you have a hard time allowing your real personality to shine through. What? Open up and be vulnerable? Are you kidding me?

Because of this, some Xin Mao Day Masters constantly need to create strategies to deal with self-doubt and insecurities. Remember we said earlier that the Xin Mao is someone who holds high principles in life? Externally you aspire to perfection, but internally you are easily hurt by the mildest of criticisms. This ‘gap’ needs to be bridged.  

Some Xin Mao Day Masters counter this by dressing up. Your clothes become your armour. Others cover their sensitivities through blunt speech. And you end up coming off as patronizing.


But, whether you realize it or not, the Xin Mao is often blessed with charm and attractiveness. That’s because you sit on a Peach Blossom star that bequeaths you with that dash of panache, style and elegance.

Externally, the Xin Mao tends to project an aloof and serious demeanour. Proud, naturally hardworking and independent, you have a wonderful knack of making others feel unwanted, unneeded or unnecessary. Oops!


Maximizing this pillar is simple – making conscious use of your strategic networks to achieve your goals.

Given the penchant for blunt speech, another easy way to be Xin Mao, But Better is simply to enhance your communications skills – especially the art of verbal communications. Cultivating this ability at the right time will give you a deeper sense of confidence that will allow the Xin Mao pillar to truly shine.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

Are you a Xin Mao Day Master? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.


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