If September brought a sense of searching for clarity, while October talked about the need for discipline, November 2022 picks up again on the theme of the endless quest. The endless search for answers. Almost akin to a last gasp from the Water Element before giving way to the final year of Period 8 (officially).


Every year has its own Bazi Chart, plotted to the exact minute when the Chart changes from one year pillar to another. Similarly, every month has its own Bazi Chart as well. This chart, can also tell a story, albeit within the span of a single month.

The story can be broad as to describe the energies influencing everyone, but at the same time, can be distilled into opportunities and threats for the individuals based on our Day Master. Consider it as tiny tweaks that we can deploy as we pursue our agenda for 2022.


I write this with a strong sense of déjà vu. 2022, the year of the Water Tiger, is bookended by the Water and Wood elements. It began flush with Water, and it ends yet again with Water prominent in the Charts. Neat. But hardly tidy.

November 2022

The focal point of the November 2022 Bazi Chart is the Xin Hai (辛亥) pillar. Visually, the Xin Hai is likened to a pearl nestled within the folds of an oyster, sitting warm and safe on the sea bed, lapped by the gentle waves. It’s artistic, it’s precise. It is the one Metal pillar that emerges in perfection. Nothing else required to sharpen its edge.

But, note the DE (Death and Emptiness) in the Month Pillar.

The Jia Wood Day Master, while technically strong, is waterlogged. This conveys a sense of people floating adrift upon a sea of information, yet feeling lost. Clinging to the last vestige of stability in a world of constant and rapid change.

There’s a strong sense of wanting to be cared for. With Fire so weak, hope is dim. Stability is undermined with Earth under attack. As Metal is all but sunken by the torrent, decision-making is stymied by a deluge of conflicting information or even, if I may say, disinformation.

Yet again, note the DE in the Month Pillar which puts the Resource and Companion stars into the void. People are searching for something… but they know not what they search.

Against this background, there are still possible opportunities for the 10 Day Masters.


Jia Wood Day Masters: Mental Discipline

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For the Jia Wood Day Master, an access of Water means an access of Resource. Too many thoughts crowding into your head. Buffeted by the strong waves, you cling even harder to solid ground. This onslaught of Water can bring the threat of stress-related headaches, anxiety or even, depression. Knowing this in advance, practicing Mental Discipline to prioritize on your own mental wellness will be the key to float through the closing months of 2022. Unplug yourself off the matrix, if you need to.

Yi Wood Day Masters: Go Where The Tides Take You

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Yi Wood Day Masters, you’ve planted your seeds of 2023 in September, planned your next course of action in October. Now in November, it’s time to explore. Less susceptible to anxiety as compared to your Yang counterpart, November could be a great month for a spot of aggressive exploration. Go where the tides take you and discover new things that could align to the plans you have in store. The only caution? Your fickle mind!

Bing Fire Day Masters: Stick To The Plan

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From the Bing Fire Day Master’s point of view, this is a Wealth month filled to the brim with opportunities to shine. Having capitalized on new ideas in October, November is the time to lay the foundations, to put in the hard work, get your house in order in preparation for your 7 Killings month which comes again in December.

As always, do have a care for your health!

Ding Fire Day Masters: Cast Your Vision Upwards, Higher, Further

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November 2022 will be a good month for vision-setting, especially if you are a Ding Fire Day Master. By this, we mean long-term vision setting. Confronted with so much Water energies, self-motivating will be hard for the Ding Fire in November. In the eternal words of Guns n Roses, “It’s hard to hold a candle; In the cold November rain.”

Therefore, one must rely on one’s network. You, who have always been a beacon of light for others, must now rely on other sources to give you a fresh perspective.

Look for mentors who can give you a big-picture view of the lay of the land. The Ding Fire is always resource-reliant. But when Wood is wet and soggy, the Fire you create becomes smoggy, resulting in confusion. The easier way is to tap into your mentor and follow his or her lead.

Wu Earth Day Masters: Communicate Your Vision

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Wu Earth Day Masters, let me tell you a story. A story about St. Paul’s Cathedral in Macau. During the enclave’s colonial days, St. Paul’s Cathedral was built by the Portuguese as a place of worship.

Legends have it that, in 1835, a great flood struck Macau. Lives were at stake. In the panic, St. Paul’s Cathedral was struck by lightning and, despite the rain, was quickly engulfed in flames. The fire burned so ferociously, that the cathedral became as a beacon to those trapped by the floods in the depths of the night. Guided by that beacon, the people of Macau were able to make it to high land… and safety.

How does that relate to you? In a Bazi Chart awash with fear, paranoia, and people searching for direction, you, the Wu Earth, are that mountain. That beacon of stability. During a flood, everyone runs for higher ground. This makes November 2022 the platform for you to take the opportunity to communicate your vision.

Ji Earth Day Masters: Play! Experiment!

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Ji Earth Day Masters, you nurtured your relationships in September, set your marketing plans in motion in October. November is the time to play! By play, I don’t mean it by the literal sense of the word, of course. But being creative can be play! Experiment. Test new ideas, no matter how improbable. Let’s see what emerges from that fertile imagination of yours.

Geng Metal Day Masters: It’s About Setting Boundaries Again… This Time, Boundaries For Your Money

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The Bing Fire Day Master is renowned for its generosity. But what’s little known, is that the Geng Metal can be equally magnanimous. Because of your altruistic nature, the Geng Metal can also be just as generous when it comes to extending your aid.

I hate to quote the pompous Polonius (Hamlet). But irritatingly, the words from that unmitigated ass, when taken in the literal sense, is very practicable in this situation. So here goes: Neither a borrower nor lender be, dear Geng Metal!

With your Resource and Wealth entering the void, leaving a weakened Companion star behind, its best to set limits on how much you can lend to those who come to you in need.

Xin Metal Day Masters: Enrich Your Network

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Xin Metal Day Masters are born with innate social intelligence. But sometimes, especially where the Xin Hai is concerned, it can be a little self-conscious. OK. Let’s be frank. It can be plenty self-conscious.

November 2022 is a good month to practice releasing those inhibitions, delve inwards, and get to know your best friend – you!

Ren Water and Gui Water Day Masters: Wade into the action

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For the Ren Water and Gui Water Day Masters, the idea for November 2022 are the same. Because after all, the Chart is full of Water, anyway. You’re… everywhere! A sea of contacts await. Wade into the action!


That said, I would also like to stress that the suggestions in this post are broad ideas. The goal is to inspire action!

Also, please note that I may skip December’s forecast in favour of the all-important 2023 Forecast along with the Chinese Zodiacs.


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