Think Ren Chen (壬辰) or Water Dragon, think Niagara Falls – perhaps the most famous waterfall in the world. This highly sociable water pillar certainly knows how to make a big splash.


In the classical texts, the Ren Chen pillar has a very poetic name – the Ren Saddling the Dragon’s Back formation.

Because the nature of Water is to flow, a Ren Chen (壬辰) or Water Dragon Day Master should ideally see additional Ren (壬) water in the Bazi Chart. The presence of more Ren Water in the chart increases the likelihood of the occurrence of two other special formations which are regarded as highly auspicious.

If the Day Master is born in the Hai hour (hour of the Boar, between 9pm to 11pm at night), a Dragon Returns To Ocean formation is formed. If additional Hai (亥) and Zi (子) is to be found in the chart, the Dragon Driving Into Abyss formation is achieved. This is a positive extension of the Goat Blade formation, a highly unique and favourable formation that indicates an extraordinary life.

But let’s not allow what we have or have not to define who we are. Additional Ren or no Ren, there is one thing that the Ren Chen Day Master does instinctively that will bring you a lot of advantages in your daily dealings with people – your sociability and persuasive skills.


One of the four Fui Kong (Bright Star) pillars, the Ren Chen (壬辰) or Water Dragon Day Master will always display all the capabilities, ambitions, and leadership skills of the special quartet.

This ‘waterfall’ looks deceptively fragile. After all, Water is the softest and most fluid of the 5 Elements! But when it cascades at such enormous amounts, this Water can collectively carve caverns out of the Earth.  This represents your inherent ability to overcome any and all obstacles in your way. How do you do that? Let’s examine your strengths.

Sociable, Charismatic,Self-Confident

  1. Your Gui Water (癸) Companion Star makes you one of the most sociable and persuasive Ren Water Day Masters out there. Of the 5 Elements, Water is the one that blends easily together. Think of how the water from the river blends effortlessly into the sea. Having both the Ren Water (壬) Day Master and the Gui Water (癸) Companion Star in a single pillar effectively doubles your ability to blend in with a myriad of social ecosystems. Hence, the gift of sociability. Even though you are not very good at taking orders, it makes you a great team player. When your Gui Water Companion Star is in play, you will always prefer to handle conflict through persuasion instead of confrontation.
  2. If that wasn’t enough, your Yi Wood (乙) Output Star adds yet another irresistible layer of charisma and visionary creativity. Think of this as the rumble and roar of a waterfall as it plunges down into a ravine. It makes a sound like thunder. Your charisma is impossible to ignore! More on in the last segment, because making full use of your Yi Wood (乙) Output Star is the key to becoming Ren Chen (壬辰) but better.
  3. Finally, all-important your Wu Earth (戊) Influence Star. This brings stability to the pillar. Without this tall mountain, there will be no thundering waterfall. This star brings you self-reliance, self-direction and self-sufficiency. This action-taking star is the reason why you always prefer to tackle problems head-on. Because you inherently understand that problems are a natural part of life. There is no running away from them. It also gives you the self-confidence to stand by what you believe in.


In the study of Bazi, the Rob Wealth, 7 Killings and Hurting Officer are known as the maverick stars. With all three in your Ren Chen (壬辰) or Water Dragon Day Pillar, it is inevitable that you are free-spirited and individualistic.

Your biggest vulnerability would be your inclination towards brutal honesty. The Ren Chen individual is very confident. You will speak your mind, and you couldn’t care less if your opinions are offensive to others.

Again, I never believe in tamping down on certain aspects of our own personalities. In most cases, gaining an awareness of this vulnerability is good enough. If this frankness is not creating any problems for you, then let’s just roll with it.  


How would you present? Why super confident, super charismatic, and super friendly, of course! Like how everyone flocks to admire a waterfall, people are drawn to you by your drive and sense of purpose.

Luckily, you enjoy working with people. When your Rob Wealth, 7 Killings and Hurting Officer stars are working in tandem, the result is strong leadership abilities that combine vision, action and collaboration into a lethal package.


One way to be Ren Chen (壬辰), but Better is to ramp up your Yi Wood (乙) Output Star. Learn to brand and market yourself. Get comfortable with speaking to large crowds. The Ren Chen by itself is already a very visible pillar. The more you stand out, the more people are drawn to you, the more successful you will be.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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