The Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey pillar can be visualized in two ways. From one perspective, we can see it as a shark or a submarine lurking in the depths of the ocean. From this perspective, we get the feeling of the latent power and deep thinking abilities of the Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey.

On the other hand, we could also picture the Ren Shen (壬申) as the sunken Titanic. What feelings come to mind when you hold that picture in your head? Melancholy? Yes. Romantic? Put Hollywood out of your mind, please. There’s nothing romantic about what happened to the Titanic. It was nothing less than a tragedy.

But here’s the beauty of the 60 pillars. The principles of Ying and Yang always applies. Best of all, you – the Day Master – gets to decide how the picture will turn out. So what’s it gonna be if you are a Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey Day Master? A shark/submarine or a capsized ship?  

Are you having difficulties choosing? Need more information? Sure! As they sang in the animated movie The Little Mermaid, let’s head… Under The Sea.


Be it a shark, submarine or sunken ship, the Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey pillar inevitably carries a sense of depth – intellectual and emotional depth. Capable of extraordinary stillness and intent focus, you frequently startle those around you with your clarity of thought and quick action-taking abilities. Like a shark, you can be idly gliding in one moment, and burst into a ball of frenetic action the next.

Because of that, there will always be a fascinating feel of unpredictability with the Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey Day Master. People will struggle to classify or label you. Just when they think they’ve got you pegged, a different aspect of your personality or talent floats up to the surface. This amazing strength is uniquely Ren Shen (壬申). And it is both magnetic and mesmerizing.  


The Ren Water (壬) Day Masters are always equated with strong intelligence and resourcefulness. Given the intellectual depth of this Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey pillar, it is not uncommon to find the Ren Shen Day Master with a very specialized skill that requires tremendous intellectual energy. Basically, that’s a roundabout way to say – you are very smart. Like very, very smart!  

In this pillar, the Ren Water (壬) Day Master is at the height of its power. Sitting on the Growth Position in the 12 Growth phases makes you a dynamic individual with the ability to easily assimilate complex information.

  1. The energy of the Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey pillar begins with the Wu Earth (戊) Influence Star. In addition to bringing much-needed stability and focus to the Ren Shen pillar, this star is the seat of your propulsive willpower and action-taking abilities. It also shapes your win-or-lose attitude towards life. Nothing triggers a Ren Shen Day Master more than a good debate.
  2. The Wu Earth (戊) Influence Star then produces your Geng Metal (庚) Resource Star. This all-important resource element is the lodestone of your originality. This is what makes you such an inspired thinker. Conversation with you is always thought-provoking and intriguing.
  3. Finally, the Geng Metal (庚) Resource Element produces you, the Ren Shen Day Master, and your Ren Water (壬) Companion element. This rooted self-element represents a strong sense of self. It is also the reason why you gravitate towards bouts of self-introspection.

As an aside, if I had a secret, I would most probably entrust it to a Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey Day Master. Lock the secret within the depths of the ocean and it will never see the light of day!


The biggest vulnerability that you, the Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey Day Master, must be aware of is that combination of Metal and Water in this pillar. It represents a whirlpool of emotions constantly churning deep within. When a Ren Shen Day Master is down in the dumps, you have a strong tendency to wallow.

This vulnerability can be self-defeating. The whirlpool of emotions goes round and round at the same point, never moving forward, needlessly sucking in all your intellectual energy and willpower.

The trick to overcoming this vulnerability is to first gain awareness. From there, you must learn to recognize the symptoms when the whirlpool starts forming and devise strategies to interrupt those unproductive thought patterns. Exercise or any physical activities could be a viable solution in this instance. So do consider it.


The Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey Day Master can present alternately as either cold and reserved or fun-loving and playful. That’s part of the delightful unpredictability of this Day Master’s make-up.

You are usually quite care-free. The coldness happens when you are preoccupied trying to keep your emotions in check. Sometimes, you give off the wrong impression that you are a bit indecisive and aimless. But watch out when you make up your mind. Boom! That idly gliding shark will pounce into action!

We keep coming back to this unpredictability of the Ren Shen Day Master, don’t we? I really can’t stress it enough. It is such a strong advantage, so why not figure out how to make the best of it.


When a shark stops swimming it dies. The Ren Shen (壬申) or Water Monkey Day Master sits on a travelling star. You just need to keep moving, both physically and mentally. A Ren Water Day Master is born to connect with people. Even if we are locked down due to Covid, you must continue to create connections and from there, keep growing as an individual and as an intellectual. Because when the movement stops, the whirlpool starts!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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