The Resource Structure deals with the world through information and data. Analytical, methodical, and happiest when surrounded by a sea of information, finding side gigs for the Resource Structure in today’s over-connected and data-driven world is literally a walk in the park.

First, Plot Your Bazi Chart

  1. Plot your Bazi Chart:
  2. Please key in your Date and Time of Birth by using the Western Gregorian calendar (basically, whatever date and time is written in your Birth Certificate or Identity Card).
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and, using the graph, identify your strongest Structure and Element.

Suitable Side Gigs For The Resource Structure

Keyword: Information

If the biggest element in your chart is Wood, and it happens to be your Resource Structure, monetize the dissemination of information as a side gig. Create courses. Learn to repackage information. In other words, teach!

Fire as your Resource element? Consider creating (and selling) cheat-sheets, templates, and infographics. Basically, you can earn money by breaking down complex information into palatable, presentable and easy to consume bytes.

Of the 5 Elements, Earth has the largest capacity to store information. If Earth is your Resource, becoming a part time analyst may be viable choice for you. Surrounded by data, you may be as happy as a clam.

Resource Structure individuals tend to move at a more deliberate pace. Analytical and methodical, Resource Structure individuals typically will not act until they have all their bullets stacked up and their ducks lined up in a row. However, if your Resource Structure happens to be Metal, you will tend to move faster than the rest of your other Resource counterparts. Any gig that involves analyzing data and turning information into immediate strategies and tactics could be something worth exploring.

What happens if your Resource is Water?  Here, you will have the same opportunities as those with Wood Resource Structures. Teach! Basically, Water represents wisdom, emotions, and thinking capacity. Therefore, you too could be looking into the business of dissemination wisdom and knowledge.

Important Caveat

Please remember that these are broad recommendations only. I am hoping to inspire you. These suggestions are certainly not definitive.

Coming up in the next post: Your Side Gig and the 10 Gods.


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